t.bone – The private label of Musikhaus Thomann with excellent price-performance ratio

t.bone is a private label of Musikhaus Thomann. In addition to headphones, t.bone also offers microphones and wireless technology for musicians. t.bone headphones are characterized by an excellent price/performance ratio… Traditionally, headphones are offered for musicians, studios and DJs, but also in-ears especially for the live monitoring.


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Musician by Carsten Kaiser 6 months ago

the t.bone HD 150

Budget headphones with an immense frequency range not just for drummers

Large frequency range, ultra-deep bass, high wearing comfort and all this for just 24 euros – the t.bone HD 150 are designed to give drummers targeted sound.


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 4 years ago

the t.bone HD 2000 NC

Affordable Over-Ear Headphones with Noise-Cancelling Capabilities

The t.bone HD 2000 NC is a closed headphone design with noise cancellation as standard, along with wireless operation via Bluetooth and an integrated microphone so you can keep up with calls on the move. All of this is offered for a very reasonable price.


Hi-Fi by Daniel Garwels 5 years ago

the t.bone HD 200

An Inexpensive Over-Ear Contender for Musicians

The t.bone HD 200 is clearly positioned as a newcomer to more budget-friendly end of the headphone market, with an asking price of less than 20 Euros. Listed in the “HiFi” category by its manufacturer, this headphone model can also be found as a companion...