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The Gaming Headset – ideal for online games

Anyone who plays online games like Call of Duty often has to stay in touch with their fellow players, since this direct communication is what makes these games so special. That’s why it’s best to use a gaming headset with a built-in microphone.

With soundcard or without?

An important purchase criterion is the built-in technology: Many game headphones have installed sound cards and you connect them easily via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Most of the time you need to install suitable drivers and additional software for these headphones to work. They are a good alternative if your PC soundcard is not good enough. If you already own a high-quality sound card, a headset without a sound chip would be sufficent.

Wireless freedom – models with Bluetooth

If you like to play with consoles connected to your TV, we recommend models with Bluetooth technology. They offer you freedom of movement while gaming. Although these headphones are usually more expensive, kinked or too short cables are then a thing of the past.

In the middle of the action – headphones with surround sound

Several built-in speakers let the sounds come from different directions, which ensures a realistic sound impression and lets you experience games even more intense. However, these models are larger and heavier, the comfort can suffer and with some cheap representatives of this genre, the surround quality is unfortunately bad.

Open or closed?

Closed headphones sit firmly on your head and give you a direct and intense sound. However, for some people these headphones might be a little too tight, if you bother, you should look at the open models in more detail: they are more comfortable but also let in many ambient sounds from the outside.

The latest Gaming Headphones Reviews

Gaming by Andreas Proß 2 months ago

Razer Kraken X

Lightweight and Affordable Gaming Headset

With the Kraken X, the well-known Californian manufacturer Razer adds a low-cost headset to its portfolio that's aimed at beginners as well as more seasoned gamers.


Bluetooth by Pete Schloßnagel 4 months ago

Creative SXFI Air

Bluetooth / USB Over-Ears with Holographic Sound

Imagine slipping on your headphones and enjoying sound as if it were coming from a high-end multi-speaker system in the recording studio, or as how it was recorded originally. Imagine being able to immerse yourself into audio with staggering levels of depth that showcases all...


Bluetooth by Andreas Proß 6 months ago

Razer Nari Ultimate

Gaming Headset with HyperSense Technology

The Razer Nari Ultimate is the premier model from the Nari series, setting itself apart from the competition with a very special feature indeed.


Editor's recommendations: Gaming Headphones

With the Mobius, Audeze appeals to gamers with a technically appealing package. These headphones are more than likely going to cause something of a stir, especially when you consider the VR applications of them. For gaming and movie enjoyment via USB, the Mobius meets high demands on sound quality and is likely to keep up with the ASUS ROG Centurion. This particular device relies on five drivers per ear, while the Audeze product scores well with spatial, airy and detailed magnetostatic drivers. Even when the 3D functionality is turned off, these drivers deliver a first-class result. That’s why the Mobius is a must for those after an audiophile headphone that boasts versatile connection options and holds up well within its price range, even in competition with the likes of the wired EL-8 series. In summary, the Mobius delivers a formidable sound performance, but weakens in some details like the often fiddly operation. In addition to the regular version, the Mobius is also available as a Creators Edition, which includes 3D plug-ins from Waves, an Ambisonics B360 encoder, plus Waves Nx Virtual Room. This should definitely appeal to those in the market for content creation for virtual and augmented reality.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 31. October 2018

The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a versatile choice of headphone, with additional cables providing a varied range of potential applications. For gamers, the headset serves as a solid choice, right of out of the box. The changeable design covers are a nice touch, as it the sound slider feature. The latter might disappoint somewhat, with the actual sound delivery providing a little too similar between settings across many gaming titles. However, with a varied sound design, there’s plenty of potential to enjoy. No matter whether you make use of the aesthetic and sound adjustments or decide to leave everything as it is, you can count on a pair of headphones that deliver quality sound.

Andreas Proß
Andreas Proß 7. September 2017

The Spearhead VRX from 1more cuts a fine figure when used with a PC. With the help of the software included, almost everything can be adapted to your wishes, with sound via EQ definitely convincing. NX tech features courtesy of Waves is also an interesting addition. If you use VR at all, you should definitely consider trying it out. The overall design and option to customise the device with lighting is also an appealing element. However, those who don’t play on the PC and rely exclusively on an audio cable will only be able to enjoy the solid sound delivery of this headset, rather than all those enticing extras.

Andreas Proß
Andreas Proß 12. September 2018