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Apogee Groove

Portable High-End Headphone Amplifier

We each use our computers for so much more than just plain text input. They provide us with the latest blockbusters in stunning picture quality, and also stream our favourite music and podcasts into our living rooms. Our computers are our video store, jukebox and...


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With the Groove, Apogee offers a headphone amplifier which represents an excellent sound upgrade with a reasonable RRP of 219 euros. The upgrade in sound is clearly audible, unlike plenty of other mini amps. At the same time, its areas of application are varied: from stationary multimedia computers to mobile devices, the Groove can actually compete with any USB interface. If you are looking for an interface that is premium class in all areas, while also inconspicuously small, you can finally put a useful sound upgrade in your pocket with the Groove.

Pete Schloßnagel
Pete Schloßnagel 28. June 2019