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dSoniq Realphones

Loudspeaker simulation for headphones

Mixing with headphones is problematic as they differ in sound from loudspeakers because they emit sound directly into the ear without any reflections in the room. Loudspeakers are also placed in front of the listener and, depending on the design, transmit sound to both ears....


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In the recording studio especially, Realphones turns out to be a versatile tool that makes daily work with headphones more reliable. The linearisation of different headphone models, the room and loudspeaker simulation, as well as the useful options for signal control, should be noted. The less acoustically optimised the working environment is, for example when travelling, the more often you will use headphones. The same applies to work at late hours. In this case, one hundred Euros for the Professional Pack is a sensible investment, providing that you have decent compatible headphones. But those who just listen to music can also benefit from linearisation and the extensive sound control possibilities of Realphones. If you regularly listen to music on your computer, you should not miss trying out the 40-day trial version. The product is available online from the manufacturer and sometimes at attractive discounts.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 24. November 2020
dSoniq Realphones