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Studio by Ulf Kaiser 9 months ago

Hedd Audio Heddphone

Audiophile and studio-ready open over-ear headphones with Air Motion Transformer

The Hedd Audio Heddphone is something very special: Here, the so-called Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is used in a headphone, and also as a full-range driver. This driver has already had a distinguished career in the field of hi-fi speakers and studio monitors.


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The Heddphone shows that it is worthwhile to continue to question the conventional design principles of driver construction. With a retail price of 1,698 Euros, the debut product from HEDD Audio immediately ranks in the top class of headphones. The sound performance on offer means it can even compete with more expensive products. In terms of speed, transparency, spatial imaging and dynamics, this product of Berlin developers sounds simply superb, assuming that you are using a high-performance headphone amplifier. But the developers’ decades of experience and their will to achieve top-class performance are also evident in the other evaluation categories. The Heddphone is both an amazing sound engineering tool and a headphone that should cause celebration among audiophile music lovers. Personal taste will be the deciding factor with regard to their bulky appearance and weight, but under no circumstances should you miss the chance to try them out.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 15. June 2020
Hedd Audio Heddphone