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True wireless by Sven Opitz 2 years ago

Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless In-Ears with Quality Sound

With the Nokia BH-705 True Wireless Earbuds, the famous manufacturer delivers a functional and lightweight set of headphones with respectable sound output. What’s more, Nokia combine the freedom of no cables with a very reasonable price tag.


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The Nokia BH-705 convinces with its quality sound and ease of use with just two control buttons. The small and lightweight design, in addition to a firm fit, make for a pleasant overall experience where the technology takes a backseat and does only what it’s supposed to: make wireless music listening as easy as possible. Nokia has succeeded on almost every count, even if the charging case is too round, the charging contacts too sensitive and the earbuds have been advertised incorrectly. All in all, however, you can have plenty of fun with the BH-705.

Sven Opitz
Sven Opitz 3. December 2018