RHA is a relatively young British company that has made a name for itself in the production of headphones.
It stands for lifelike sound reproduction and lasting quality.

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In-Ear by Ulf Kaiser 10 months ago

RHA TrueConnect 2

True Wireless in-ear headphones with Bluetooth 5

A little more than a year ago, we completed our test of RHA’s debut True Wireless headphones the TrueConnect. Their successor is now available with even better support and they are even a few Euros cheaper.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 2 years ago

RHA TrueConnect

True Wireless In-Ears with Bluetooth 5

The first truly wireless headphones from RHA enter the market at a price of around 170 euros, pitched in the same sector as Apple and its successful AirPods.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 3 years ago

RHA MA650 Wireless

Sport-ready Bluetooth in-ear headphones with neckband

Recently, the RHA MA750 Wireless convinced me with its powerful sound and excellent features. For about 50 euros less than this, you can get the similarly constructed MA650 Wireless, in a choice of black or white. It offers comparable functionality, but relies on other drivers...


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With a listing price of 99.95 euros, the RHA MA650 Wireless is one third cheaper than its sibling, the MA750 Wireless. This one scores highly with a convincing price-performance ratio. In view of its significantly lower price, one may forgive that the sound quality doesn’t quite match up to the higher tier model, but it can still stand its ground in terms of sound delivery and integrated electronics. As a sports and on-the-go option, the RHA MA650 Wireless is a good choice for the more discerning listener, but less for the audiophile.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 27. August 2018

Coming in at just under 150 euros, RHA’s MA750 Wireless are attractive-sounding in-ear headphones with a neck and ear hook design, oferingpunchy and balanced sound tuning. A reliable daily companion with good value for the price tag.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 20. July 2018

With a price tag of just under 130 euros and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, RHA’s CL750 features premium-grade in-ear headphones. Sonically, this model solves higher demands but has a slight tendency to hardness. Regarding operation on typical smartphones, due to its impedance of 150 Ohms, the CL750 is not designed for – nor is suitable for – use with them. It is explicitly recommended by RHA for use with amplifiers: stable or mobile.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 18. May 2018