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Hi-Fi by Ulf Kaiser 3 weeks ago

Sennheiser HD 620S Wired closed over-ear headphones with an open sound image

The Sennheiser HD 620S is a closed over-ear headphone that attempts to realise the airy sound of an open system.


Bluetooth by Ralf Willke 1 month ago

Sonos Ace Bluetooth over-ear with excellent ANC, head tracking and Dolby Atmos

Sonos sets new standards with the Ace: sound, function and comfort immediately put the multiroom expert at the top of the premium headphone segment.


Bluetooth by Dirk Duske 2 months ago

Marshall Major V Bluetooth-On-Ears with 100 hours of playing time and bass-driven sound

With the lightweight wireless Major V, Marshall stays true to its rock-n-roll attitude.

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The AKG K701’s beautifully linear frequency response range allows the finer details of audio pieces to really shine with crystal clarity. With its impressive spatial character and nuanced reproduction, not to mention high accuracy when it comes to sound localisation, these reference studio headphones are particularly suitable for listening to things like acoustic pieces with first class dynamics and a diverse stereo environment. This is made all the more possible thanks to a comfortable design, which staves off unwanted pressure and fatigue for hours at a time.

Carsten Kaiser 18. April 2017

In addition to the quality levels of workmanship and eye-catching aesthetics, the AKG K702 really convinces with its wearing comfort and pleasant handling properties. Last but not least, the crystal-clear sound will make it hard for studio users and hi-fi fans to switch to another model once they’ve added the K702 to their audiophile assortment..

Carsten Kaiser 23. April 2016

Sonos set new standards with the Ace: sound, function, comfort and the option of transferring impressive cinema sound to the headphones using a Sonos soundbar have given the multiroom expert a top position in the premium headphones segment of the market from the get-go.

Ralf Willke 5. June 2024
Sonos Ace