Sennheiser – a family business from Lower Saxony with worldwide success

The audio specialist Sennheiser, based in Wedemark near Hanover (Germany), is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission technology, with its own factories in Germany, Ireland and the USA.

Sennheiser History

The history of audiophile sound begins with the HD 414. The world’s first open back headphones revolutionised the headphone market in 1968. To this day, the HD 414 remains one of the best-selling headphones in the world, with over 10 million units sold.

Another milestone follows when Sennheiser engineers combine the principle of open back headphones with the principle of electrostatic sound transducer technology for the first time. In 1977, Sennheiser presents the Unipolar 2000 and delights the experts. The underlying principle is once again an innovation in the audio world: in the electrostat, high voltage is applied to two grid-shaped electrodes. As with loudspeakers, this deflects a coated foil membrane in time with the music. This enables extremely fine resolution and a low distortion factor.

In 1991, the electrostatic Orpheus HE 90/HEV 90 stood out from a veritable flood of new headphones. With no less a claim than to build the best headphones in the world, the Sennheiser developers had once again gone to work and exceeded the expectations of the audio industry with this electrostat and its impressive tube amplifier. Two platinum-coated membranes oscillate between gold-coated glass electrodes. A 500-volt tube amplifier provides sufficient voltage for the Orpheus to develop its full sonic potential. Due to its extremely elaborate workmanship, the Orpheus is limited to 300 copies. To this day, the legendary headphones remain the benchmark for audiophile listening and all high-end models developed by audio specialist Sennheiser.

How good are Sennheiser headphones?

Sennheiser headphones are still among the best headphones you can buy in the consumer sector. The current Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 headphones (to the review) are among the best true wireless in-ears with noise cancelling (check our best of list).

Those who prefer bigger should take a closer look at the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless (to the review). These comfortable headphones with adaptive noise cancelling are also among the best over-ears in this price range.

However, the manufacturer also offers a wide portfolio of TV headphones. From in-ear (Sennheiser TV Clear – to the review) to over-ear models (Sennheiser RS 120-W – to the review), these TV specialists are among the best TV headphones on the market.

What are the best headphones from Sennheiser?

If you want to know which Sennheiser headphones are the best, you should check our best list: “The best Sennheiser headphones”“ checken:

The best Sennheiser headphones


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