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Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 2 months ago

Soundcore Life Q20 von Anker

Affordable Headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity, ANC and Impressive Battery Life

With the Soundcore Life Q20, Anker adds to its wireless range with a pair of over-ears that are ideal for everyday listening thanks to respectable sound quality and active noise-cancelling properties. This robust Anker model is quick to charge and supports Bluetooth 5.0, while there...


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 months ago

Soundcore Space NC by Anker

Handy Bluetooth Over-Ears with ANC and Touch Control Convenience

These wireless over-ears, the Soundcore Space NC from Anker, offer balanced sound and hybrid ANC technology as standard. What’s more, you can also look forward to a more than respectable battery life. A touch-sensitive control pad with intuitive operation is also on hand to make...


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 months ago

Soundcore Spirit X by Anker

Waterproof, Wireless Sport In-Ears with a Great Price/Performance Ratio

Ankers Soundcore Spirit X Bluetooth In-Ears play with plenty of bass and power, sit comfortably in the ear and offer a firm hold that’s ideal for sporting applications. What’s more, they’re also waterproof and sweat-resistant thanks to their hardy IPX7 nano-coated exterior. In addition, you...


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The Soundcore Spirit X convinces in almost every respect, with only the background noise issue marring its perfect score. Those willing to accept a few minor limitations will be treated to a robust Bluetooth sports headphone with a superb fit, long transmission range, quick charge convenience and plenty in the way of accessories. Quality sound with plenty of power doesn’t have to be foregone in favour of a more affordable price!

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 7. June 2019

Soundcore’s portable Life Q20 scores top marks when it comes to its lengthy battery life, not to mention its quick charging capabilities. When you consider the impressive enough sound specs of this model, the price/performance ratio here is rather excellent. The noise-cancelling credentials are also worth getting excited about, with the technology particularly successful in minimising low-frequency sources. The only real point of contention here is the BassUp function, an optional feature that has no discernable added value to the user due to its heavily stress bass output. That being said, the feature is entirely optional, so needn’t distract from an otherwise premier package.

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 23. August 2019

Soundcore Libery Air by Anker is a product aimed at the type of listener who is looking for wireless headphones for use with their mobile devices, be it smartphone or tablet. They offer the Bluetooth connectivity you’re after, with convenient compatibility with Android and iOS making life easy. A handy transportation case is a welcome plus, while a healthy battery life, low weight and user-friendly controls round things off nicely. Sound quality is also very respectable, with a wide section of the musical spectrum accounted for, with the notable exception of those dependent on very low frequencies and bass-heavy foundations.

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 2. April 2019