Sony – a diversified corporation with solutions for everyone

Currently the third-largest electronics company in Japan, Sony offers headphones for virtually all areas. Especially hi-fi enthusiasts like to find what they are looking for at Sony, but Sony headphones can also be found in the DJ sector and music studios.

Sony History

In 1958, the name was changed from „Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K.“ to „Sony Corporation“ – the starting shot for a company that went on to make history. As the inventor of the Walkman TPS-L2 in 1979, Sony laid the foundation for mobile audio and this „liberation blow“ still echoes until today.

How good are Sony headphones?

Some Sony headphones are still among the best headphones you can buy in the consumer segment. Their sound is balanced and powerful, and the active noise cancelling of Sony headphones is also among the best noise cancelling on the market.

Sony’s over-ear headphones of the WH-1000X series have secured top positions in the top lists in terms of features, sound and noise cancelling, and not only in our country.

The current top model, the Sony WH-1000XM5 (review), not only shines as a functional giant (quick attention mode, speak-to-chat function, fit and air pressure sensors), but also delivers active noise cancellation (ANC) that is beyond any doubt.

Those who prefer in-ears will also find top headphones at Sony: the Sony WF-1000XM4 (review), like their big over-ear brother WH-1000XM5, offer a variety of configuration options, very good sound and effective noise cancelling.

If you prefer something even smaller, lighter and more eye-catching, you should put the „delicate“ Sony LinkBuds S (review) in your ears: These True Wireless In-Ears are remarkable headphones. Not only do they look contemporary in terms of their style and design, but you’ll also look in vain for the extensive features in the competition in the 200-euro range.

What are the best Sony headphones?

If you want to know which Sony headphones are the best, you should check our list of the best Sony headphones:

The best Sony headphones


The latest reviews: Sony

Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 8 months ago

Sony WF-1000XM5 Lavishly equipped True-Wireless headphones with noise cancelling

The Sony WF-1000XM5 is a remarkable headphone with long battery life.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 10 months ago

Sony WF-C700N Affordable True-Wireless in-ears with Adaptive Noise Cancelling

With the WF-C700N, Sony adds an in-ear model with adaptive noise cancelling to their range of affordable True-Wireless headphones.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 11 months ago

Yamaha TW-E3C Practical and affordable True Wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.2

For an attractive price, the Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless In-Ears offer practical, easy-to-use features and a rich sound that makes listening fun.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 12 months ago

Sony MDR-MV1 Reference-class open studio headphones

The Sony MDR-MV1 is a mixing and mastering headphone that offers a neutral, uncolored sound as well as a certain warmth.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 1 year ago

Sony WH-CH520 Stylish, affordable on-ear headphones with Bluetooth 5.2 and very long battery life

The Sony WH-CH520 prove to be on-ear headphones with a good price-performance ratio.


Bluetooth by Martin Hirsch 2 years ago

Sony Inzone H7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Comprehensive features, good wearing comfort and 360 Spatial Sound: The Sony Inzone H7 offers attractive features for anyone looking for a gaming headset.


Bluetooth by Martin Hirsch 2 years ago

Sony Inzone H9 Wireless gaming headset with noise cancelling

The Sony Inzone H9 is a gaming headset styles after the Playstation 5 and offers very good noise cancellation (noise cancelling, ANC) as well as the possibility to use wireless and Bluetooth connections in parallel. However, the sound quality and features require some sacrifices, which...


Gaming by Martin Hirsch 2 years ago

Sony Inzone H3 Wired Gaming Headset

Orderly microphone and sound quality, uncomplicated, stable software – with its typical Playstation 5 design, Sony aims the new Inzone H3 headset at users of its consoles and beyond.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 2 years ago

Sony WH-1000XM5 Premium Bluetooth headphones with first-class noise-cancelling and convincing sound

The freshly overhauled Sony WH-1000XM5 defend their status as a top-class sounding over-ear headphone with industry-leading noise cancelling.