AKG – a successful story

AKG, now part of the Samsung Group, are among the best-known brands in the studio world with their headphones and microphones.

AKG History

Radio stations, theatres, jazz clubs: microphones from the Austrian manufacturer quickly spread the word in the middle of the last century, and the first headphones were released as early as 1949. Alongside Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic, the Viennese dominated the prosperous market of the radio and television (high) times almost at will. Since the mid-1990s, AKG has belonged to the Harman Group and has also held its own in this illustrious group of companies with flying colours.

In 2016, Samsung finally bought Harman, AKG as part of the Harman Group thus also went to the Korean tech giant. To promote awareness of the brand, Samsung includes headphones labelled “Tuned by AKG” with some smartphones.

How good are AKG headphones?

AKG headphones are still among the best headphones you can buy in the studio sector. The AKG K702 (to the review), for example, are reference studio headphones with crystal-clear sound, designed to ensure the most precise sound reproduction possible in mixing and mastering situations.

But there are also gems in the hi-fi segment: for example, the AKG K701 (to the review) with its linear frequency response brings out audio nuances with crystal clarity.

What are the best headphones from AKG?

If you want to know which AKG headphones are the best, check out our list of the best AKG headphones: “The best AKG headphones”“ checken:

The best AKG headphones


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The K371 and 361 – the new additions to AKG's 3 Series – have already fully convinced us in our tests. Now there is a Bluetooth version of both these headphones, identified with "BT" in their name.


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After three new additions to their 2x series (K175, 245, and 275), AKG by Harman have added two new releases to their series of three - the K371 and 361.