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The Gaming Headset – ideal for online games

Anyone who plays online games like Call of Duty often has to stay in touch with their fellow players, since this direct communication is what makes these games so special. That’s why it’s best to use a gaming headset with a built-in microphone.

With soundcard or without?

An important purchase criterion is the built-in technology: Many game headphones have installed sound cards and you connect them easily via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Most of the time you need to install suitable drivers and additional software for these headphones to work. They are a good alternative if your PC soundcard is not good enough. If you already own a high-quality sound card, a headset without a sound chip would be sufficent.

Wireless freedom – models with Bluetooth

If you like to play with consoles connected to your TV, we recommend models with Bluetooth technology. They offer you freedom of movement while gaming. Although these headphones are usually more expensive, kinked or too short cables are then a thing of the past.

In the middle of the action – headphones with surround sound

Several built-in speakers let the sounds come from different directions, which ensures a realistic sound impression and lets you experience games even more intense. However, these models are larger and heavier, the comfort can suffer and with some cheap representatives of this genre, the surround quality is unfortunately bad.

Open or closed?

Closed headphones sit firmly on your head and give you a direct and intense sound. However, for some people these headphones might be a little too tight, if you bother, you should look at the open models in more detail: they are more comfortable but also let in many ambient sounds from the outside.


The latest Gaming Headphones Reviews

Gaming by Pete Schloßnagel 10 months ago

EPOS GSX 300 External headphone amplifier with 7.1 surround sound for gaming

The EPOS GSX 300 is a stylish desktop headphone amplifier aimed primarily at entry-level users.

Editor's recommendations: Gaming Headphones

For just under 400 euros, the Audeze Maxwell for the PlayStation offers so many highlights that it almost makes you dizzy: extra-long battery life, ultra-stable long-range wireless connection, the latest Bluetooth technology including multipoint and LDAC as well as additional connection options via USB and mini-jack cable. The boom microphone also impressed us with high speech intelligibility and an AI that effectively suppressed background noise. The sidetone function sounded extremely natural, and despite the heat generated under the pads, the headset can be worn for hours without any discomfort.

So the Audeze Maxwell’s score makes it our best gaming headset of the month, and we’re pretty sure that’s not just for March… congratulations!

Pete Schloßnagel 24. March 2023
Audeze Maxwell

With the Razer Kraken V3 Pro, you get an extremely flexible headset that can be connected to almost any device, as long as it has an appropriate connection. The only thing missing here is Bluetooth to complete this connectivity. In terms of sound, the TriForce Titanium drivers are once again impressive, and thanks to HyperSense, gaming is pure pleasure!

If you want this technology but with cables, you can alternatively take a look at the older Razer Nari Ultimate. But for an extra cost, you can get the Kraken V3 Pro, currently the most modern complete package available in terms of gaming headsets. There is still some room for improvement. This concerns the workmanship and the aforementioned differences to the Nari, such as the smaller dongle that can be stowed in the earpiece and the retractable microphone. The V3 Pro is superior in terms of quality, but who wants to have individual parts flying around when there are good design solutions? Whether Razer will save these features for a Kraken V4 Pro or a new Nari version remains to be seen.

Andreas Proß 23. February 2022
Razer Kraken V3 Pro

Finals E500 are excellent all-rounders at a very reasonable price. These wired in-ears make listening to music fun; allow fatigue-free listening to podcasts or radio broadcasts, and score points with their good spatial reproduction even in binaural productions. These minimalist headphones do not offer a remote for controlling the device, but otherwise, there is not much that this comfortably fitting bargain can do wrong.

Maike Paeßens 31. August 2020
Final E500