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That’s a good DJ headphone?

The magic abbreviation “DJ” has obviously become the favorite prefix of all marketing departments in recent years. But not everything where the magic word “DJ” is stamped on it is a sovereign tool for the rough working conditions in clubs. On the other hand, it’s actually not that hard to be a “good” DJ headphone.

Three things make a good DJ headphones – the business …

1. A neat ambient noise shielding so that the DJ can control its rhythmic action as closely as possible.
2. A well-defined sound with decent volume reserves (important: the right impedance). The headphone may well have a bit more boost in the bass and a little more character than studio headphones.
3. A comfortable as well as secure fit on the head (ideally with rotatable ear cups). And of course the headphone has to be really robust, because no other type of headphone is so heavily used.

… and the pleasure

The pleasure means that your new DJ headphone should have features such as replaceable cables and ear pads and a mechanism for folding during transportation.
As you can see, in some areas this is not so different from what a studio or hi-fi headset should do, for example. Back in the days the first DJ headphones were often also studio models, which were simply misused by DJs. Accordingly, there is a whole series of headphones that do not carry a “DJ” in their name and yet are ideal for the DJ booth and they have even become a standard.

No matter if with or without the addition “DJ” – in this category we present you all models, with which an evening in the club promise you success.


The latest DJ Headphones Reviews

DJ by Numinos 11 months ago

Aiaiai TMA-2 DJ DJ configuration of the modular headphone system TMA-2 MKII

An update for the "DJ Pre-set" composition of the modular headphone system Aiaiai TMA-2.


DJ by Dirk Duske 1 year ago

Rane RH-2 Closed over-ears for DJs with a fairly consistent sound image

The Rane RH-2 gets our outright recommendation, as long as what you're looking for are affordable brand-name DJ headphones with a professional attitude.


DJ by Dirk Duske 1 year ago

Rane RH-1 Closed-back, circumaural DJ headphones with bass-heavy sound

The Rane RH-1 are considered the most affordable brand-name DJ headphones, and they score points with a robust, compact design and pleasant wearing comfort.

Editor's recommendations: DJ Headphones

Without exaggerating, the modular TMA-2 system from Aiaiai is an absolute revelation in headphones. Due to the incredibly flexible nature of them, not to mention the exhaustive selection of variants available, you’ve ample choice when it comes to adapting your headphones to suit individual comfort and listening preferences. Well-structured, robust and stylishly designed; the TMA-2 is a quality concept that is bound to make waves. Perhaps you’ll end up loving the S03-H03-E05-C04 combination. That’s the exact combination of elements we used for the test you’ve just read, with total costs of everything coming in at an RRP of 240 euros.

Numinos 1. December 2016

The Technics EAH-DJ1200 combine sound know-how with proven functionality. Their new tidy and detailed sound is impressive and the cables are now interchangeable. In addition, they offer the familiar 270-degree swivel mechanism, which allows one-sided monitoring and lets you fold the ear cups to save space. Only the price adjustment to 179.00 Euro diminishes the excitement about this successful upgrade.

Dirk Duske 20. December 2019

Although the slightly subtle sound of the larger Mackie MC-250 headphones were less tiring during long listening sessions, the greater liveliness and agility of the MC-150s are simply more stirring in the end. What’s even nicer is that you get all the listening pleasure for a very affordable price that makes the purchase decision really easy. In the price range below one hundred euros, the new Mackies get a first class recommendation from me.

Numinos 15. January 2019