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Studio by Numinos 2 months ago

Avantone Pro Planar

Open magnetostatic studio headphones

In studio circles, the American company Avantone Pro has been known (and loved) for years for reissuing legendary studio monitors such as Yamaha's NS-10 or Auratone's Soundcube, as well as a whole range of classic microphones of outstanding quality. But more and more often Avantone...


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I was not just convinced by the Avantone Planar, I was really quite impressed by them. They are excellent sounding and at the same time quite spectacular looking headphones, and I would recommend them to music producers for studio work as well as to audiophile music lovers who are looking for a very precise and well-balanced sound image that can be listened to for a long time without tiring. You should not be intimidated by the magnetostat’s bulky exterior – they are much more comfortable to wear than they look.

Numinos 30. November 2020
Avantone Pro Planar