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In 1966 John Bowers and his long-time friend Peter Hayward founded a company in Worthing on the south coast of England called B&W Electronics at the time. Both founders agreed right from the start to live modestly and reinvest all their profits in the company with the aim of developing the perfect loudspeaker…

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Bluetooth by Sven Opitz 1 month ago

Bowers & Wilkins PI3

Neckband in-ears with dual hybrid drivers

Bowers & Wilkins are committed to always wanting to do things right. Be it the new PX5 the current PX7, or the PI3, which is a neckband in-ear with dual hybrid drivers, the latest aptX adaptive codec, and of course, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.


Bluetooth by Ralf Willke 2 months ago

Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Stylish and high quality over-ears with noise cancelling

As the PX5 on-ear version quite impressed us (see the test here), Bowers & Wilkins also sent their top model from the 2019 line-up to the editors. The essential difference is the design: Enclosing the ear instead of lying on the ear, so the only...


Bluetooth by Ralf Willke 2 months ago

Bowers & Wilkins PX5

A sophisticated On-Ear with style

Bowers & Wilkins is one manufacturer who would never be forgiven for making mistakes as, over several decades, this British brand has earned such a good reputation. As expected, trying out these 254-gram versions of the PX5 didn't bring any special surprises - except for...


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Editor's recommendations: Bowers & Wilkins

All round success and a genuine recommendation for all those who expect a high value for money for scarcely 300 euros. The Bowers & Wilkins PX5 are on-ear headphones at the highest technical level, which is right at the top when it comes to sound. The Bowers & Wilkins PX5 shows their strengths both as travel headphones, and as a constant companion in everyday urban life between open-plan offices, underground trains and cafés.

Ralf Willke
Ralf Willke 10. October 2019
Bowers & Wilkins PX5

As with its on-ear counterpart, I would give a clear letter of recommendation to the PX7. Where the PX7 loses out for me is the price, since it does not justify the extra 100 EUR on top of the cost of the on-ear model. The competition for the PX5 comes from in-house. But if you want an ear–enclosing version of the current Bowers & Wilkins headphones, you can’t go wrong with the PX7.

Ralf Willke
Ralf Willke 30. October 2019

When Bowers & Wilkins do something, they want to do it well. With the PI3, they succeed, but with some slight limitations, which are what such a high-priced product is supposed to address: spongy pressure points, average voice quality during telephone calls, and the somewhat heavy bass alignment of the in-ears overall. The latter in particular could, of course, be judged as a quality feature and not as a defect. That’s why I will give these in-ears a good mark; apart from quality, texture and appearance – which, by the way, all interact very well – the positive sound impressions are more important than my rather petty complaining about the bass. Bowers & Wilkins PI3 are excellent, modern and outstanding sounding in-ears that give the brand-conscious customer what they want: the quality sound and hardware you’ve come to expect from this manufacturer.

Sven Opitz
Sven Opitz 14. November 2019
Bowers & Wilkins PI3