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Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 10 months ago

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Open

Open over-ears with planar magnetic drivers for use on the move

Dan Clark Audio introduce the Aeon 2 Open, an open-back circumaural headphone with planar magnetic drivers for use on the move.


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The Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Open convinced us with striking looks, well chosen lightweight materials and an impressive package of accessories, which includes inlays for sound adjustment and a transport case. From the planar magnetic drivers to the fabric-sheathed interchangeable cable, you will not be disappointed with their quality. It is a similar situation with their sound. The Aeon 2 Open really deliver a detailed sound texture as promised and their bass performance is also good. However, they are a sensitive instrument. Distortions that start too early don’t exactly allow a lot of electric voltage to be applied. This is why the dynamics of these headphones fall well short of their undoubtedly excellent sound stage, which provides a fine signal resolution and a superb stereo impression. But all this is only true if music is listened to quietly. In addition, the handling of the headband adjustment takes some getting used to and is quite loose.

The Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Open are travel-ready headphones with average handling, which are suitable primarily for hi-fi listening at low volumes, offering good sound quality in all music genres.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 8. October 2020
Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Open