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Bluetooth by Sven Opitz 4 months ago

EarFun Free Pro

Affordable True Wireless in-ears with Noise Cancelling

With the Free Pro, EarFun offers very compact and completely wireless in-ears that are lavishly equipped with dual drivers, modern Bluetooth 5.2, active noise cancellation and a wireless charging case - all for a purchase price of 60 euros.


Bluetooth by Sven Opitz 6 months ago

EarFun Air Pro

Cheap true wireless in-ears with active noise cancelling

With the Air Pro, EarFun offer completely wireless in-ears with active noise cancelling for a budget price of less than 80 Euro. But are they a sound package?


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The EarFun Air Pro offer a harmonious overall package, which consists of good, unobtrusive sound, useful active noise reduction and solid workmanship. A few more remote commands, like skip back or volume control, would certainly be useful. Nevertheless, for daily use, the Air Pros are well equipped and worth their price.

Sven Opitz
Sven Opitz 9. November 2020

The EarFun Free Pro are pleasantly small and lightweight True Wireless in-ears that are quite impressive in terms of sound, remote and runtime. The active noise cancellation, on the other hand, is relatively ineffectual, which is positive for the sound, but does not paint a good picture of the advertised functionality. The ANC is not convincing, and you might just as well leave it switched off, which will at least have a positive effect on the running time.

Sven Opitz
Sven Opitz 30. December 2020
EarFun Free Pro