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Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 1 year ago

Electro-Harmonix EHX NYC Cans

Compact Bluetooth on-ears with integrated MP3 player

Electro-Harmonix, an established US manufacturer for effects devices, also has inexpensive, wireless on-ears in its range. The NYC Cans support Bluetooth standard 5.0 and also have a 3-button remote for device control. These foldable and therefore easily transportable headphones are also equipped with an MP3...


Smartphone by Carsten Kaiser 1 year ago

Electro-Harmonix EHX Hot Threads

Budget Closed On-ear Headphones

With the EHX Hot Threads, Electro-Harmonix give us a pair of headphones which - judging by their data - are supposed to provide us with mega-cheap broadband sound. We tested them out to see if it worked.


In-Ear by Carsten Kaiser 1 year ago

Electro-Harmonix EHX Sport Buds

Cheap in-ears with Bluetooth which, thanks to ear hooks, are suitable for sports use

Electro-Harmonix are best known as a manufacturer of guitar effects. Recently, however, the American manufacturer has also been trying their luck in the growing headphones market. We take a look at their Bluetooth in-ears, the EHX Sport Buds from Electro-Harmonix, designed for Work-out & Co.


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Hype or not: The Electro-Harmonix EHX Sport Buds offer so much value for money for their price (about 35 Euros!) that I can hardly believe it: They deliver full power, have a strong bass and are also well positioned in the mid and high frequencies. Not only their volume, but also the conciseness of their transient reproduction puts many much more expensive devices in the shade. In addition, there is a built-in microphone with good sound and, for smart devices, an extensive remote control that is easy to get the hang of using. The Sport Buds sit securely in your ears, offer multi-device connectivity, are waterproof, recharge quickly and are comfortable to wear thanks to their fit and light weight. If there’s one thing seriously wrong with these in-ears, it’s that they require the use of an equalizer, regardless of playback volume and music genre, to produce a balanced, less bass-heavy sound. But if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, the EHX Sport Buds are the right headphones to really blast your ears during sports activities.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 22. May 2020
Electro-Harmonix EHX Sport Buds

Except for the microphone quality and short battery life, the NYC Cans by Electro-Harmonix gave me nothing to complain about. These handy Bluetooth headphones offer powerful listening fun with pleasing voice reproduction and they score additional points with the integrated MP3 player. Since these portable on-ears can also be used wired and are flexibly adjustable in size, the price-performance ratio is extremely good despite the existence of some weaknesses.

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 23. July 2020
Electro-Harmonix EHX NYC Cans

The Electro-Harmonix EHX Hot Threads are an over-the-ear everyday headphone to suit those with a small budget and, as such, they have some strengths and some weaknesses. The range of features is small, and the exchangeable cable with microphone and remote control button is the highlight. The design of the EHX Hot Threads is stylish, but the matt surface of the headphones is prone to wear and tear. The Hot Threads are ultra-light, but their handiness is limited despite their folding mechanism. The dynamic 40 mm drivers deliver sound in a wide frequency range down to the deepest low bass and reproduce audio up to high volume ranges without distortion. These headphones are therefore particularly suitable for listening to loud pop, dance and urban music styles. Although it may be that the sound and the position of the stereo centre is affected.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 25. June 2020
Electro-Harmonix EHX Hot Threads