The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Inc. (FMIC), abbreviated to Fender, is a U.S. corporation headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. FMIC was founded in Fullerton (California, USA) in 1946 by radio electrician and inventor Leo Fender. Through its innovations, the company has become one of the best-known manufacturers of electric guitars, electric basses, guitar amplifiers and PA systems. Through targeted acquisitions of other well-known brands from the musical instrument industry – especially in the 1990s – FMIC became the world’s largest group in this industry.

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In-Ear by Chris Reiss 3 years ago

Fender CXA1

The Cult Brand Unveils a Low-Cost In-Ear Option

With the FX series, Fender has earned itself a solid reputation as a manufacturer of in-ears for professionals. Sadly, these handcrafted in-ears from Nashville don’t come cheap. But thankfully, the beloved company has now unveiled cheaper alternatives to add to its range. The Fender CXA1...


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The Fender CXA1 is an in-ear headphone model that makes great use of its dynamic technology, but means a few compromises have to be accepted. It’s the upper mid range and upper treble that takes the bullet here. How much this will affect your listening all depends on what’s making up your playlist, with pop and rock music more likely to escape too much distortion. If you’re a fan of a broad raft of music styles, the CXA1 might just deliver.

Chris Reiss
Chris Reiss 22. April 2018