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Bluetooth by Pete Schloßnagel 8 months ago

Google Pixel Buds

True Wireless in-ears with Google features

The new Pixel Buds from Google don't have much in common with their predecessors, except for their name. Their most striking feature is their completely new look: what were loose-fitting earbuds are now tighter-fitting in-ears, and the thin fabric string between the two earplugs has...


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The second generation of Pixel Buds makes up some ground and Google has made a lot of improvements to our three main criticisms: better fit in your ears, better handling and better sound. The latter score again relies on very good speech intelligibility, but for pure, hours-long music enjoyment for casual use with a phone, their sound can quickly become tiring. In contrast, the workmanship and operation are very good, but are let down by the rather weak battery power.

Unfortunately Google has not fulfilled my wish list for features with Pixel Buds 2 and so I hope that in time the manufacturer will provide a third generation that will have noise cancelling, a good equaliser and an adequate Bluetooth performance. The competition offers much more for the same money. So, in the category “price/performance” these are only good enough to be rated as “satisfying”.

Pete Schloßnagel
Pete Schloßnagel 28. September 2020