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Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 1 year ago

Kygo A11/800

Portable Bluetooth over-ears with touch control and app connection

The A11/800 from Kygo are wireless over-ears which feature a long battery life of over 40 hours, support high-quality audio codecs such as aptX LL, aptX and AAC, and are equipped with active noise suppression as well as awareness and ambient modes for perceiving the...


True wireless by Maike Paeßens 2 years ago

Kygo E7/900

Lightweight True Wireless In-Ears with Powerful Sound

The Norwegian company, Kygo, has produced the E7/900 compact completely wireless in-ears with a comfortable fit. They have an independent remote for controlling Android and iOS systems. Contemporary productions will benefit from a bass-driven tuning.


Bluetooth by Nils Neuneier-Quak 2 years ago

Kygo A6/500

On-ear Bluetooth handset with app connection

Kygo sets out from Norway to conquer the market for Bluetooth headphones. The spectrum ranges from in-ear headphones to fluffy over-ears, and compact on-ear headphones, such as the A6/500, which come in a stylish packaging with embossed printing. The highlight: In addition to the headphones,...


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Editor's recommendations: Kygo

The Kygo E4/600 headphones are well suited for everyday use, both in the office or on the train. In terms of sound, they are solid all-rounders that feel at home in all music styles. Only when it comes to audiophile Hi-Fi do they have to stand in line behind other headphones – but that’s no big surprise considering the price. Nevertheless, they sit well ahead in their segment and leave little room for improvement.

Nils Neuneier-Quak
Nils Neuneier-Quak 2. January 2019

The Kygo E4/1000 headphones are aimed at a young audience looking for an all-round headset for everyday use that is also suitable for gym workouts. They are also a formidable companion in the office or on the train, thanks to their good external shielding. In terms of sound, these headphones are solid all-rounders that are suitable for all music styles, although you should also be aware that you are not getting a high-end Hi-Fi device here. In its price range, however, the E4/1000 headset can be heard well and leaves little room for complaint.

Nils Neuneier-Quak
Nils Neuneier-Quak 20. December 2018

Kygo’s E7/900 are aimed at a target group that enjoys listening to bass-driven music and is looking for a robust everyday companion that provides good sound at home and on the go. The cable-free system scores with its light, handy format and stable, comfortable fit. Since the remote buttons have a relatively high pressure resistance, the in-ears are not recommended for people with pressure-sensitive ears.

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 18. January 2019