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Studio by Carsten Kaiser 2 years ago

Neumann NDH 20

Over-Ear Studio Headphones with Stylish Design and Excellent Sound

With the release of the Neumann NDH 20, the renowned German microphone manufacturer delivers its very first venture into the headphone market. As you’d expect from a company as renowned as Neumann, the technical prowess of these headphones is something to be admired. Nothing less...


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These Neumann NDH 20 closed-back over-ear headphones are an ideal aid for analytical sound applications such as recording, editing and mixing in studio environments. They do a good job at the deepest depths of the bass range, while also performing brilliantly when it comes to midrange differentiation. Additionally, a more discreet performance in the highs results in a less pronounced stereo image, a lower transient definition and a more extensive depth graduation. Those looking into this particular piece of hardware from Neumann will likely be satisfied with these specs, although they still take a little while to get used to. Quality of materials, manufacturing, detail and design are all exemplary. Here, these Neumann headphones inspire all round. Thanks to interchangeable cables and high sensitivity, these headphones are not only suitable for studio and professional applications, but can also be used as a hi-fi listening aid and for use on the go. With all that in mind, the NDH 20 has a price/performance ration that’s perfectly in order.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 21. February 2019