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Bluetooth by Dirk Duske 4 weeks ago

Ready2Music Rival

Listen-worthy, closed over-ear Bluetooth headphones with various colour options

With the Rival, the Austrian manufacturer Ready2Music want to cater to every taste. Their flagship wireless headphones come in eight gaudy designs and can even be personalised for an extra charge. But they also offer comfortable listening pleasure in other ways, with a slightly pronounced...


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The Rival headphones, designed for mobile use, need not fear any rivals in their price class (RRP 119.00 Euros). In practice, they turn out to be extremely comfortable, delivering 16 hours of playtime and scoring points with comfortable listening pleasure that comes across as generally warm and melodious with slightly pronounced bass as well as impressive transparency – music control and phone handling included. The disadvantages: The voice quality leaves a lot to be desired, no voice assistants are supported, and the cosy ear pads are not replaceable. Nevertheless, the Rival impressed us as a reliable, colourful and decorative pair of headphones that, on top of all this, can be personalised.

Dirk Duske
Dirk Duske 14. April 2021
Ready2Music Rival