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Studio by Carsten Kaiser 1 year ago

Tascam TH-06

Closed Over-Ears with Bass Boost

With the TH-06, Tascam are aiming at producers, DJs and remixers who value fat bass lines.


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Tascam promote the TH-06 as convenient and versatile. On the first point, I agree with the manufacturer 100%. With the second point, however, it is not quite so simple. Because at the end of the test it is not easy for me to recommend the TH-06 for specialist use. DJs and monitor mixers will probably still be the ones most likely to benefit from the advantages of these headphones: good attenuation of external noise, low weight, high volume and 180° swivel ear cups. Interested parties will certainly have to come to terms with the sound of the TH-06 before they can enjoy it. Yes, the bass is strong, but this is at the expense of sonic plasticity and not entirely without disturbance in the other frequency ranges. All in all, the Tascam TH-06 is a well made, powerful, but also very specialised monitoring tool.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 7. April 2020
Tascam TH-06