Swedish fashion company markets headphones as stylish fashion accessory

WeSC is a Swedish clothing company that is mainly active in the areas of street style and skateboard clothing – where headphones are of course a must. Founded in 2000, the company offers over-ear headphones as a live-style product and accessory in the mid-price segment.

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Bluetooth by Dirk Duske 3 weeks ago

WESC True Wireless Earbuds

Colourful in-ears with transparent sound and pleasant wearing comfort

With their True Wireless Earbuds, available in three colours, the Swedish fashion brand WESC has not only designed in-ears that are both comfortable in terms of fit but also have technical features, such as clear sound and a wirelessly rechargeable case.


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The True Wireless Earbuds from fashion label WESC, available in pink, blue or black, are impressive in terms of sound and function. Music benefits from their clear, balanced and natural sound through detailed resolution. Only their bass holds back a little, and I would have hoped for a little more presence in some productions. When making phone calls, very good speech intelligibility was also ensured thanks to the sound tuning and the built-in microphone.

With their Bluetooth connection and convenient operation these small earphones recommend themselves for use on-the-go, and they combine a solid fit with a light weight and water resistance.

Dirk Duske
Dirk Duske 17. February 2021
WESC True Wireless Earbuds