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Studio by Numinos 11 months ago

Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5

Closed studio headphones with great sound credentials

Berlin’s Adam Audio company are primarily known for high-quality studio speakers. Their monitors, with their characteristic ribbon tweeters, can be found in countless studios across the globe and are renowned for their neutral and precise sound. With the Studio Pro SP-5, the innovative company aims...


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The Studio Pro SP-5 is a grand debut for Adam Audio in the headphone market. You pay a high price for the privilege, but your money is well spent, with a solid device that offers incredible sound character and top-of-the-range precision in presentation. The headphones succeed in reconciling the two poles of neutrality and listening pleasure. It’s hoped that Adam Audio will throw an open version with similar qualities into the race at a later date, which will certainly be welcomed as the closed design can cause slight discomfort after long listening or production sessions.

Numinos 13. November 2018