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Studio by Carsten Kaiser 2 years ago

Austrian Audio Hi-X60 Closed over-ear headphones for professionals and connoisseurs

With the Austrian Audio Hi-X60, the Austrian manufacturer has added a pair of closed, circumaural headphones with excellent sound for audio professionals and hi-fi fans to its range.


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 3 years ago

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT Closed Studio over-ears with Bluetooth

The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT are closed, circumaural Bluetooth headphones that aim to combine professional sound and wireless everyday use. In terms of sound, they are supposed to deliver precise sound down to the lowest frequency ranges with their High Excursion technology. In our practical test,...


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 3 years ago

Austrian Audio Hi-X15 Closed over-ear headphones with present mids

Austrian Audio aim to make the sound quality of their headphones available to those with smaller budgets with their Hi-X15. Our review investigates whether buyers will need to make compromises in terms of package, technology, handling or sound. After all, the name alone promises to...


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 3 years ago

Austrian Audio Hi-X65 Open over-ear headphones with detailed sound

With the Austrian Audio Hi-X65, the successor to AKG in Vienna present their first open headphones. These are aimed not only at demanding professional users from the recording studio sector but also at fans of audiophile listening pleasure.


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 4 years ago

Austrian Audio Hi-X50 High-quality on-ear with excellent sound

With the Hi-X50, Austrian Audio have added an on-ear headphone to their product range that is designed to meet professional demands. Their Hi-X55 have already proven themselves as studio headphones in our tests with their high quality and their unique sound profile, now it’s the...


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 4 years ago

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 Closed over-ears with ultra-brilliant highs for studio use

The Vienna-based company Austrian Audio was founded in 2017 by former AKG employees (as we reported at the time on our german website). Two microphone and two headphone models are the first ventures for this still-young company, with the Hi-X55, tested here, the first over-ear...