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JVC is a well-known technology company and was founded in 1927 as a subsidiary of the US Victor Talking Machine Company (VTMC). Initially, JVC mainly produced records and many innovative products followed. In 2007, Matsushita began selling part of JVC to Kenwood and JVC Ltd. is now one of the three subsidiaries of JVC Kenwood Corporation and JVC Kenwood Group respectively.

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Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 4 months ago


Bluetooth On-Ears with Active Noise Cancellation

JVC is one of Japan’s most established manufacturers, with more than a century of history in the field of consumer electronics behind it. Of course, wireless headphones are today a key market focus for the manufacturer and this model, the HA-S65BN, is not only an...


Kids by Maike Paeßens 8 months ago

JVC HA-KD9BT-A Tinyphones Wireless

Handy Bluetooth On-Ears for Kids with Volume Limits

The Tinyphones Wireless range from JVC continues to expand with this lightweight headphone model for kids, with wireless connectivity, hearing protection volume limits, plus a 3-button remote control with integrated microphone as standard.


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JVC’s Tinyphones Wireless headphones are defined by their adaptability, robust construction and easy-care maintenance, not to mention their comfortable fit. The impressive Bluetooth range ensures children wearing them have plenty of freedom of movement, while the handy volume limit ensures little ones are protected from hearing damage. From a sound performance point of view, a more balanced tuning would have been welcome, although these wireless on-ears can be used to enjoy pretty much any music genre. Ultimately, the price/performance ratio of these children’s Bluetooth headphones is extremely good.

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 28. February 2019

JVC places the HA-S65BN in an attractive price bracket below the 100 euro mark. With impressive enough sound quality, good levels of wearing comfort and optional noise cancellation tech as standard, the HA-S65BN is a convincing audio package for those after an everyday performer. In the future, however, the manufacturer should put a focus on improving the overall operation of such devices by integrating more tactile controls.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 12. June 2019