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Perfect for musicians – headphones for playing instruments

If you love to play with your digital piano at night, you may have already become acquainted with your neighbor’s rhythmic broomstick beating. As nice as this duet sounds, for the sake of peace in your house you should buy a pair of headphones.

Some e-piano manufacturers offer their own headphones to match their instrument. This is not only “insanely clever” marketing, but has quite its purpose! After all, the manufacturer knows his instrument better than almost anyone else and can tune a headset exactly to this. Most of the time the sounds are played as clearly and balanced as you wish. Above all, the bass does not stand out unpleasantly, as you might hear when listening to your e-piano with your regular studio or hi-fi headphones.

But even drummers should consider a headset that has been specially optimized for this genre: high level stability, no distortions and robustness should be the deciding purchase arguments.


The latest Musician Headphones Reviews

Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 3 months ago

Yamaha YH-WL500 Over-ear headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 for musicians

With the YH-WL500, Yamaha has developed wireless headphones that are explicitly aimed at musicians.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 1 year ago

Sony MDR-MV1 Reference-class open studio headphones

The Sony MDR-MV1 is a mixing and mastering headphone that offers a neutral, uncolored sound as well as a certain warmth.


In-Ear by Ulf Kaiser 1 year ago

64 Audio U4s Audiophile in-ear headphones with four drivers

With the U4s, 64 Audio adds another excellent-sounding in-ear monitor to its product portfolio.

Editor's recommendations: Musician Headphones

Ultimate Ears haven’t done things by halves here. With the Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro, the music lover can look forward to premier in-ear headphones tailored by audiologists. In addition to the numerous plate and case personalisation options, they guarantee everyday and stage-compatible production values, effortless handling and, last but by no means least, a well-balanced sound experience. In addition, these in-ears are ultra-light, comfortable to wear and provide a huge amount of isolation against external noise. Therefore, not only do they make superb stage monitors, but they also serve recording and mixing sessions well. More simply, they can be utilised by any self-respecting audiophile looking to enjoy their music on the go. Most likely, classical music fans will find a new favourite pair of in-ears with these.

As high as the recommended retail price of approximately 1,785 euros might seem, reviewing the huge benefits of these in-ear headphones quickly shows how much the Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro has to offer. What’s more, as soon as you listen to the tonal abilities of these in-ears, the price-performance ratio suddenly seems very reasonable indeed. If you have the budget enough to stretch and want quality headphones with superior sound, you should not overlook the Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro.

Carsten Kaiser 19. September 2018

The Shure SE846 makes a big promise of well-appointed in-ears with professional applications, while also ensuring those after everyday audio enjoyment are catered for. First-rate workmanship, not to mention an immense range of accessories, make these earphones a fun and flexible choice, especially for the purchase price. Noise cancellation and wearing comfort are also top of the class, while the adjustment possibilities of the frequency range means these in-ears can cope with almost any playback situation and musical genre. If you want to treat your ears to real sound luxury and have the funds to make the purchase, the Shure SE846 is a worthwhile consideration.

Carsten Kaiser 27. March 2017

With a price above the 2,000 euro mark, you’re entitled to expect the highest standards from any IEM. The 64 Audio A12t undoubtedly meets these expectations. As a custom in-ear monitor, pairing with the user’s ears is optimised. The most important selling point is the custom fit to the owner’s physical features and the associated advantages such as accuracy of fit and wearing comfort. The flexible design can also be seen as an advantage.

In terms of sound quality, the A12t play on par with expensive over-ear designs and impressed me with a largely unadorned frequency response. In comparison, the treble emphasis of the Sennheiser HD 800 S was immediately noticeable.

The increase in quality achieved by the A12t compared to the universal-fit U12t model also impressed me. In fact, the superior sound quality, detail, as well as dynamic resolution, become audible at significantly lower levels. For me, this was a definite vote in favour of the custom-fit. Now, you could put the non-existent resale value of a custom fit into the equation, but would you really want to part with such a good pair of headphones?

Ulf Kaiser 16. September 2022
64 Audio A12t