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Gaming by Andreas Proß 1 year ago

Antlion ModMic USB

USB extension for microphone-less headphones

Recognise the scenario? You’ve spent a lot of money buying the headphones of your dreams, then after a while, you realize that a microphone might occasionally come in useful. Maybe for gaming, maybe for video chats, for YouTube or even for making presentations.


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The ModMic USB is an inexpensive way to turn existing headphones into a fully-fledged headset. With the included accessories, you can assemble your ideal “Frankenstein-Headset”. The sound quality is very good and compares well to other good headsets. A good set of headphones becomes a great headset with the ModMic USB.

If you prefer to use a jack instead of USB, Antlion Audio has a version for you: the ModMic Uni. If you want to do without cables completely, take a look at the ModMic Wireless. You don’t need to get new headphones to get a new headset!

Andreas Proß
Andreas Proß 22. January 2020