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Studio by Carsten Kaiser 1 month ago

Audeze LCD-GX

High-end gaming headset with planar-magnetic drivers

The Audeze Mobius has already convinced us as a gaming headset, and now Audeze is adding to this and pushing the gaming headset concept even further with the LCD-GX: just under 1,000 Euros (RRP) will be charged for this luxury model! We look into whether...


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 8 months ago

Audeze LCD-1 Open System

Open, planar-magnetic over-ears for on the go

The Audeze LCD-1 circumaural, open headphones are designed for monitoring or hi-fi enjoyment on the move and rely on planar-magnetic drivers, which is typical of Audeze. And even better, they are cheaper than all their Audeze siblings. Although they form the lower end of the...


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 10 months ago

Audeze LCDi3

Premium planar magnetic in-ears

With the LCDi3 In-Ears, the American manufacturer Audeze promises a great sound and an equally large set of accessories. We’re going to test how the planar magnetic transducer technology of these headphones affects their sound.


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The Audeze LCD-2 Classic is a great total package for under 900 euros for users with a focus on contemporary music, with the tuning of these headphones perfectly suited for current-day recordings. The dynamic, yet relaxed reproduction that the drivers deliver is what I like most about pure music listening. Since the headphones also fit very comfortably and as they regularly escalate listening sessions immensely, I would love to add these to my small collection.

Marcus Schlosser
Marcus Schlosser 7. May 2018

With the LCDi3, Audeze has made premium planar magnetic in-ears to add to their range of products. As a bridge between the entry-level and high-end models from this American manufacturer, these headphones bring the sound quality of the top products from Audeze’s in-ear range into affordable realms without making major compromises. If you don’t mind the size of these in-ears, you will not only receive a lavishly presented product with extensive extras but also workmanship, technology, fit and sound that will simply delight you. Rich bass, airy treble and a very differentiated mid-range make listening to all music styles with these headphones a real pleasure. iOS and Bluetooth cables with remote control promise uncomplicated use on the go. The Audeze LCDi3 headphones are unquestionably worth every penny that you spend.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 20. November 2019
Audeze LCDi3

The Audeze LCD-X and LCD-XC are real eye-catchers. Audio fans and mix engineers can look forward to headphones constructed from high-quality materials, even if at first glance the asking price of these headphones seems rather high. Manufactured with premium elements and boasting first-rate workmanship, these headphones will provide years of listening pleasure at the highest level thanks to their quality.

These headphones are suitable for sound fans looking for something that meets their high demands when it comes to detailed reproduction and sound clarity, as well as for those mixing and mastering in their studio. For the latter application, however, some buyers are best advised to listen to the neutral sound of these Audeze models beforehand to ensure that vocal elements in productions are reproduced adequately enough for their needs.

Ultimately, the price/performance ratio of both of these Audeze headphone models is perfectly reasonable due to impeccable manufacturing, robust construction, high-quality materials and an exceptional detail of sound. If you want to treat yourself, the Audeze LCD-X and LCD-XC Creator Edition are both well worth considering.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 10. November 2018