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Studio by Carsten Kaiser 6 months ago

Austrian Audio Hi-X55

Closed over-ears with ultra-brilliant highs for studio use

The Vienna-based company Austrian Audio was founded in 2017 by former AKG employees (as we reported at the time on our german website). Two microphone and two headphone models are the first ventures for this still-young company, with the Hi-X55, tested here, the first over-ear...


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The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 is a closed, circumaural studio headphone with high manufacturing quality, timeless design and high wearing comfort.

These headphones are just as much a detailed recording aid for those who record and mix high-frequency material, as they are for those working with productions that deal with power in the bass range. The Hi-X55 reproduces uncompressed recordings especially well, with immense depth graduation. The Hi-X55 are suitable for studio work due to their brilliant sound that has a lot of bass reserves, but they cannot be indiscriminately recommended due to their distinctive frequency response – a hearing test is therefore mandatory before purchase! Nevertheless: their price-performance ratio is really quite respectable.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 18. February 2020
Austrian Audio Hi-X55