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DJ by Dirk Duske 3 months ago

Denon DJ HP1100

Closed DJ headphones with solid performance and powerful bass

Denon DJ professional headphones take on the loudest background noise, but also convinced us with their pleasant wearing comfort and balanced sound image.


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 2 years ago

Denon AH-D9200

Reference Headphones with Silky Sound

With the Denon AH-D92000, the Japanese manufacturer offers a circumaural reference headphone model that’s catered toward the hi-fi slice of the market. A real standout, these beauties showcase the upper tier of Denon’s headphone portfolio. With fine wood earpieces, premium leather padding and stunning sound...


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 2 years ago

Denon AH-C820W

High-Quality In-Ear Headset with Bluetooth

With the AH-C820W wireless headset, the renowned Japanese Hi-Fi manufacturer from Kawasaki now also mixes with wireless in-ear headphones.


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The Denon AH-D9200 is a reference class over-hear headphone model that performs like a champion, with all the levels of restraint required for the most discerning of applications. The elegance of the exterior is complemented by stunning sound credentials, while high-quality materials like sheepskin leather and real wood convince with a robust build that exudes top-tier luxury. The headphones themselves are convincingly put together, with that handmade workmanship really shining through. Handling and wearing comfort of the D9200 is extremely pleasant, making these a go-to for long listening sessions.

Anyone who has enjoyed the sound of the smaller sibling of these headphones from Denon’s D series will find the D9200 the benchmark of listening pleasure with a silky sound. High-quality, unobtrusive detailing across all frequencies is the order of the day here. As such, these are suitable for enjoying all manner of musical genres, with the D9200 making a good impression on both powerful and weaker headphone pre-amps. Only when it comes to sound insulation do these headphones fail to score top marks, but they still deliver more than adequately in this respect.

The most important feature of the Denon D9200 is its beautifully understated sound. Offering an exceptional listening experience, it doesn’t scream and show off at high volumes, but instead delivers a more cultivated, considered sound.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 21. May 2019

With the AH-D5200, Denon has succeeded in creating a hi-fi headphone that offers everything a music lover might hope for at this purchase price level, especially when it comes to premier materials, high wearing comfort and incredibly detailed sound. In my opinion, this makes it stand out from the competition. The headphones promise and deliver listening pleasure at a high level. These headphones deliver sound that is just as sophisticated and impressive as the outward appearance of the AH-D5200. However, those who prefer listening to rock and metal might want to spend some time trialling these headphones first before making an investment. Elsewhere, however, these headphones shine. I highly recommend the Denon AH-5200 to all those looking for transparent, silky sound and who are willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets for a superior pair of headphones that don’t skimp on comfort and boast a timeless design.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 11. September 2018

Denon’s AH-C820W delivers an all-round harmonious sound. This is to be expected at a price of about 250 euros. With its balanced sound and universal suitability for almost all genres, Denon has succeeded in creating a convincing product that ranks at the top of this product category. On the other hand, it is also in competition with products like Sennheiser’s Momentum In-Ear or the cheaper Triple Driver BT from 1More, which also perform convincingly. Due to the comparatively high price, I question the lack of other high-resolution codecs and would have expected a noise cancelling option.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 5. March 2019