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In-Ear by Carsten Kaiser 4 weeks ago

Hörluchs HL4410

Brilliant, dynamic, plastic, practical

With the HL4410, Hörluchs offer the top model in their in-ear series. These button headphones work with four balanced armature drivers in parallel to cover an ultra-wide sound spectrum. In addition, there is an interesting package of features that could make the device interesting not...


In-Ear by Carsten Kaiser 3 months ago

Hörluchs HL4330

Balanced-Armature In-Ears with a 3-way driver for an excellent audio soundscape

The HL4 series from the Franconian manufacturer Hörluchs includes several models with a 3-way driver, as indicated by the number "3" in their product designation. In this test, it’s the model HL4330 which is being put through its paces on the kopfhoerer.de test bench. So...


In-Ear by Carsten Kaiser 5 months ago

Hörluchs HL1100

In-Ears with a Focus on Differentiated Mids and Detailed Treble

The Hörluchs HL1100 are part of the most compact range offered by the German manufacturer. As a specialist in hearing aid acoustics, Hörluchs bring their experience in ergonomic design and construction to their headphone offering. These headphones also turn out to be "speech-oriented" when it...


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The HL4410 headphones proved impressive in our test, and it is not without reason that they are the top model in the in-ear series of this German manufacturer. Everything that the buyers of “smaller” Hörluchs models appreciate in terms of sound is taken to extremes and perfected by the HL4410. From sub-bass to presence and elevation details, to punch and excellent stereo image including depth of sound, these in-ears offer everything that lovers of high-quality headphone sounds could wish for. In addition, the headphones come with a luxurious package of accessories, which, with its interchangeable filters, even provides extra hygiene for the in-ears and enhances the purity of the sound. Last but not least, the fit and wearing comfort of these headphones is excellent, and in practice, fine details such as the tension alleviating cable guide leave nothing to be desired.

Even if one would wish for a lower selling price as a prospective customer, I have to say when looking at the competition that the value for money of the Hörluchs HL4410 in terms of its performance is absolutely fine. Whether you want them to use as detailed hi-fi in-ears or as headphones for high-quality stage monitoring, the HL4410 is a tool for demanding ears.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 19. November 2019

The Hörluchs HL4330 performed brilliantly throughout the test, providing a richly detailed sound, even at high volume levels, while offering high wearer comfort as well as a sophisticated package which also includes replacement filters. Acoustic isolation is ultra-efficient and the audio response is first-rate with plenty of depth and a powerful three-dimensional quality. The HL4330’s 3-way solution is convincing, despite the relatively strong response across most of the mid-range. The price-performance ratio of this model is therefore top-quality and the device goes beyond being merely competitive in its price range, but sends a clear message to the competition that Hörluchs is a real force to be reckoned with on the in-ear market. In my opinion, these headphones are especially suitable for monitoring speech signals as well as for listening to classical music in a hi-fi context.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 24. September 2019

The Hörluchs HL1010 come with a great bundle of extras. In addition, workmanship is top class and the fit is first-rate. Because of their comfortable, firm fit, they are even suitable for use in sports. Even if the sound of the headphones is less bass emphasised than expected, they offer strong reserves in the bass range. However, the HL1010’s frequency response range makes them unsuitable for listening to guitar music without fatigue being a concern. Instead, its sound characteristics make it a more worthwhile consideration for those who are looking for a good listening experience with audio books, radio plays or films. Musicians can also consider using these in-ears to monitor vocals and speech.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 2. July 2019