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In-Ear by Carsten Kaiser 1 month ago

Hörluchs HL1100

In-Ears with a Focus on Differentiated Mids and Detailed Treble

The Hörluchs HL1100 are part of the most compact range offered by the German manufacturer. As a specialist in hearing aid acoustics, Hörluchs bring their experience in ergonomic design and construction to their headphone offering. These headphones also turn out to be "speech-oriented" when it...


In-Ear by Carsten Kaiser 2 months ago

Hörluchs HL1010

In-Ears with Bass Reserves and Excellent Speech Intelligibility

Hörluchs unveil an entry-level model to the market with the HL1010, broadening the reach of this German manufacturer to buyers with a more modest budget. We put these in-ears to the test to see what they're capable of.


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The Hörluchs HL1010 come with a great bundle of extras. In addition, workmanship is top class and the fit is first-rate. Because of their comfortable, firm fit, they are even suitable for use in sports. Even if the sound of the headphones is less bass emphasised than expected, they offer strong reserves in the bass range. However, the HL1010’s frequency response range makes them unsuitable for listening to guitar music without fatigue being a concern. Instead, its sound characteristics make it a more worthwhile consideration for those who are looking for a good listening experience with audio books, radio plays or films. Musicians can also consider using these in-ears to monitor vocals and speech.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 2. July 2019

With the HL1100, Hörluchs deliver a solid package as far as the scope of delivery is concerned. The usability of the earphones is also excellent, from the ergonomics of the housing to the option of changing the appearance using the included Smart Caps, to the over-ear interchangeable cable. In terms of sound, the emphasis here is clearly on detailed highs and especially on differentiated mids. When it comes to bass, however, the HL1100’s performance reaches its limits relatively quickly and the low frequencies remain insufficiently represented. All in all, the Hörluchs HL1100 can be successfully employed for audiobooks, radio plays and gaming. However, they can also be a helpful tool for moderators, presenters and singers.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 8. July 2019