JVC is a well-known technology company and was founded in 1927 as a subsidiary of the US Victor Talking Machine Company (VTMC). Initially, JVC mainly produced records and many innovative products followed. In 2007, Matsushita began selling part of JVC to Kenwood and JVC Ltd. is now one of the three subsidiaries of JVC Kenwood Corporation and JVC Kenwood Group respectively.

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Bluetooth by Dirk Duske 1 month ago


Aerodynamic Bluetooth In-Ears designed for endurance

JVC's sporty In-Ears with Aero Slim design impress with very pleasant wearing comfort, even while jogging, plus an above-average functionality and rich sound.


Bluetooth by Dirk Duske 2 months ago


Comfortable True Wireless in-ears with impressive sound

Available in five upbeat colours, the HA-A7T deliver on their promise of powerful sound and also impressed us with pleasant wearing comfort, all at a very attractive price.


Bluetooth by Dirk Duske 2 months ago


Ultra-lightweight Bluetooth headphones with 17 hours of play time

With the HA-S24W, JVC is targeting the younger generation who are looking for very lightweight, robust-sounding headphones with remote control for a very reasonable price.


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Designed primarily for sporting use, the JVC HA-AE5T receive a good to very good score in the required disciplines. Their quite slim, aerodynamic design avoids audible air currents while running, and their secure fit fixes the earphones in the ear even while jogging. But the built-in sensor technology for controlling common functions for music and telephoning also emphasises their comfort. In terms of sound, they convince with a homogeneous and transparent sound.

Dirk Duske
Dirk Duske 16. March 2021

JVC’s Tinyphones Wireless headphones are defined by their adaptability, robust construction and easy-care maintenance, not to mention their comfortable fit. The impressive Bluetooth range ensures children wearing them have plenty of freedom of movement, while the handy volume limit ensures little ones are protected from hearing damage. From a sound performance point of view, a more balanced tuning would have been welcome, although these wireless on-ears can be used to enjoy pretty much any music genre. Ultimately, the price/performance ratio of these children’s Bluetooth headphones is extremely good.

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 28. February 2019

Available in five trendy colours, the HA-A7T impressed us with their wearing comfort as well as their functionality, both for playing music and making phone calls. JVC also fulfils its promise of a powerful sound that is interspersed with warmth, which reduces the neutrality of the sound image, but not the subjective pleasure and the fun of using these in-ears. You can also enjoy using them during sports because of their very low weight and protection against moisture and rainwater.

Dirk Duske
Dirk Duske 5. March 2021