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Hi-Fi by Numinos 4 weeks ago

Koss Porta Pro Classic

On-ear, ultra-portable headphones

It must have been around 1988 when I bought my first pair of Koss Porta Pro, on the recommendation of an audiophile friend. In fact, for many people of my generation, the Koss Porta Pro was a widely used upgrade to the bog-standard headphones that...


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With the Koss Porta Pro Classic, you’ve known for almost 40 years what you’re getting for your money: a lightweight, ultra-portable and amazingly robust on-ear pair of headphones that you can hardly tell you’re wearing, whose delicate, timelessly chic design has come to feel retro-futuristic again. What is no longer quite so contemporary is their treble reproduction, which, from today’s perspective, seems perhaps a bit too discreet. Nevertheless, the warm, bass-strong sound of the Porta Pro has a very pleasant character and turns every tram or bicycle ride into a visit to a little acoustic club.

Numinos 26. March 2021
Koss Porta Pro Classic