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Bluetooth by Numinos 3 months ago

Koss BT740iQZ

Bluetooth over-ears with Active Noise Cancelling

BT740iQZ - A somewhat unwieldy name for what are actually quite elegant headphones that the designers at Koss have come up with for their new Bluetooth model. With active noise-cancelling (ANC), integrated media control and hands-free function, as well as long battery life, these new...


Hi-Fi by Numinos 4 months ago

Koss Porta Pro Classic

On-ear, ultra-portable headphones

It must have been around 1988 when I bought my first pair of Koss Porta Pro, on the recommendation of an audiophile friend. In fact, for many people of my generation, the Koss Porta Pro was a widely used upgrade to the bog-standard headphones that...


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The Koss BT740iQZ got through our test without any slip-ups, and for a reasonable price, you get a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are decent in every respect (sound, wearing comfort, handling) with effective ambient noise cancellation. Their sound profile is aimed more at listeners who are looking for a warm, soft and bass-strong “cuddly” sound and less at fans of crystal-clear, precise and treble-rich sound.

Numinos 5. May 2021
Koss BT740iQZ

With the Koss Porta Pro Classic, you’ve known for almost 40 years what you’re getting for your money: a lightweight, ultra-portable and amazingly robust on-ear pair of headphones that you can hardly tell you’re wearing, whose delicate, timelessly chic design has come to feel retro-futuristic again. What is no longer quite so contemporary is their treble reproduction, which, from today’s perspective, seems perhaps a bit too discreet. Nevertheless, the warm, bass-strong sound of the Porta Pro has a very pleasant character and turns every tram or bicycle ride into a visit to a little acoustic club.

Numinos 26. March 2021
Koss Porta Pro Classic