In 2009 Libratone started as a start-up in Denmark. After having established themselves as a manufacturer of premium WLAN / Bluetooth speakers in the past years, Libratone introduced and sold headphones at the end of 2016. With more than 50 years of Danish acoustic know-how, Libratone wants to combine products with beautiful design and state-of-the-art technology.

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Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 10 months ago

Libratone Track Air+

True-wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5 and noise cancelling

The Danish manufacturer Libratone presents the Track Air +, true wireless headphones with adaptive noise cancelling.


Bluetooth by Sven Opitz 2 years ago

Libratone Track+

Stylish In-Ears with Noise-Cancelling Capabilities

Libratone demonstrated with their slick, stylish aesthetics at work in the Q-Adapt-Series that noise cancelling headphones can be as eye-catching as they are technically adept. Now, the Danish manufacturer has followed upon that success with the Track+. Let’s start by saying, this is one bit...


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The Libratone Track+ flatters in aesthetics and delivers well in terms of tactility, with quality first impressions, premier materials and a reassuring weight. Good construction and an expensive-looking finish underline this headphone model. The sound could, in my opinion, be a little more refined; a touch more bass here, a touch more clarity in the highs. The adaptive noise cancelling functionality of these headphones is good, although total isolation shouldn’t be expected. A long-haul flight certainly won’t be phased out completely, for example. Libratone’s Track+ headphones are beautiful in their own way, able to perform and well-thought out in terms of design and inner tech. If you’re looking for something special to brighten the grey area of in-ear everyday listening, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Sven Opitz
Sven Opitz 16. July 2018

With the Track Air+ Libratone delivers a harmonious and well-equipped true wireless product, which convinces both functionally and in the design, but also sonically, even if the manufacturer could still go some way to improve the tap functions. It’s clear that Apple now have another strong competitor in the market.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 27. November 2019