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Studio by Numinos 8 months ago

Mackie MC-100

Closed studio headphones at an entry-level price

Mackie are expanding their product range with a bold price cut: With the MC-100, they are introducing a pair of truly affordable closed headphones. They round off the lower end of the product series consisting of the MC-150 and MC-250. This is particularly exciting because...


In-Ear by Chris Reiss 9 months ago

Mackie MP-460

High quality in-ear-monitor headphones with balanced-armature drivers

Mackie has added three more headphones to their MP series: The MP-460 I am testing here is their new top model in this series.


Bluetooth by Chris Reiss 10 months ago

Mackie MP-360

Balanced armature in-ear monitor with three ways

About two years ago Mackie released their MP series: All three pairs of headphones – the MP-120, the MP-220 and the MP-240 – were aimed at musicians and sound engineers who are looking for monitor headphones for the stage and the FoH/monitor mixing desk. Now...


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Editor's recommendations: Mackie

Although the slightly subtle sound of the larger Mackie MC-250 headphones were less tiring during long listening sessions, the greater liveliness and agility of the MC-150s are simply more stirring in the end. What’s even nicer is that you get all the listening pleasure for a very affordable price that makes the purchase decision really easy. In the price range below one hundred euros, the new Mackies get a first class recommendation from me.

Numinos 15. January 2019

For just 30 Euros, the Mackie MC-100 are entry-level headphones with which you can do very little wrong. The neat workmanship and the very comfortable fit on the head make you forget their low price. But this is not quite the case with the sound: It is basically good and not to be criticised for hobby applications, but the weighting towards a very strong bass, rather unobtrusive mid-range and weaker treble, is not ideal for critical applications such as sound work in the studio or post-production or for hi-fi enjoyment. However, as cheap playback headphones (perhaps when large groups have to be supplied), in the multimedia or hobby area, they are completely acceptable. For parents who want to give their kids a low-cost pair of headphones with a built-in “wow” factor in the bass range but a safety margin in terms of the volume of the mid and high frequencies, I would even strongly recommend the MC-100.

Numinos 19. November 2020
Mackie MC-100

Congratulations, Mackie! The MC-250 are very well done and a very moderately priced entry into the studio headphone segment. For about one hundred euros, you get a sound-reliable working device, which also suits the DJ booth, and by reliable, I mean that they meet high standards, ensuring that a well-made mix from them also sounds reasonable on all other devices. This makes them my current recommendation in this price range for studio and recording applications.

Numinos 23. January 2019