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Studio by Numinos 11 months ago

Mackie MC-250

Closed-Back Studio Headphones with Very Good Price-Performance Ratio

The big American audio equipment company, Mackie, is currently opening up the market segment of near-ear sound reinforcement and is going with two in-ear [CR-Buds and CR-Buds+] and two over-ear headphones [Mackie MC-150]. Here we have the top model, the closed MC-250. These headphones are...


In-Ear by Numinos 11 months ago

Mackie CR-Buds+

Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones

With its extremely low-priced CR-Buds, the in-ear newcomer Mackie primarily addresses the consumer segment. The Plus version costs about twice as much, but also comes with a two-driver system and promises nothing less than "Pro Studio sound wherever you go".


Hi-Fi by Numinos 11 months ago

Mackie MC-150

Closed-Back Studio Headphones with Very Good Value for Money

The same as their new in-ear series, which includes the standard (CR-Buds) as well as a higher-priced model, the Over-Ear series starts with two models: MC-150 and MC-250. This time we'll deal with the "smaller" model, which - let me tell you this much -...


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Editor's recommendations: Mackie

Although the slightly subtle sound of the larger Mackie MC-250 headphones were less tiring during long listening sessions, the greater liveliness and agility of the MC-150s are simply more stirring in the end. What’s even nicer is that you get all the listening pleasure for a very affordable price that makes the purchase decision really easy. In the price range below one hundred euros, the new Mackies get a first class recommendation from me.

Numinos 15. January 2019

Congratulations, Mackie! The MC-250 are very well done and a very moderately priced entry into the studio headphone segment. For about one hundred euros, you get a sound-reliable working device, which also suits the DJ booth, and by reliable, I mean that they meet high standards, ensuring that a well-made mix from them also sounds reasonable on all other devices. This makes them my current recommendation in this price range for studio and recording applications.

Numinos 23. January 2019

The Mackie CR-Buds are a no brainer for those after reliable performance and quality sound output at a low price. However, with an RRP of 20 Euros, you also need to be realistic in expectation. If you are, you’ll be pleased by what you find here. These are an ideal choice if you’ve just purchased a new smartphone and aren’t satisfied with the earphones included with the handset. It’s a common gripe with phone owners and these in-ears are a welcome upgrade for such an application, with a price that falls below what you’d expect for a much more limited peripheral. Sound is not sensational here but it’s of a decent quality that won’t disappoint, while the hands-free microphone does exactly what it needs to do.

Numinos 9. January 2019
Mackie CR-Buds