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Studio by Numinos 3 months ago

Mackie MC-450

Open Studio Headphones

Mackie's entry into the headphone market can certainly be described as successful. Especially the – second place in terms of price – MC-250 which convinced us with their price-performance ratio. All three previous models in the series (MC-150, 250 and 350) had one thing in...


Studio by Numinos 3 months ago

Mackie MC-350

Closed studio headphones with crisp transient playback

We’ve barely had time to get Mackie's new CR-Buds, their two over-ear models MC-150 and MC-250 under the magnifying glass - or rather put them on our ears - but the American manufacturer’s next earphones have already landed in our office. The MC-350s expand the...


Studio by Numinos 1 year ago

Mackie MC-250

Closed-Back Studio Headphones with Very Good Price-Performance Ratio

The big American audio equipment company, Mackie, is currently opening up the market segment of near-ear sound reinforcement and is going with two in-ear [CR-Buds and CR-Buds+] and two over-ear headphones [Mackie MC-150]. Here we have the top model, the closed MC-250. These headphones are...


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Editor's recommendations: Mackie

Although the slightly subtle sound of the larger Mackie MC-250 headphones were less tiring during long listening sessions, the greater liveliness and agility of the MC-150s are simply more stirring in the end. What’s even nicer is that you get all the listening pleasure for a very affordable price that makes the purchase decision really easy. In the price range below one hundred euros, the new Mackies get a first class recommendation from me.

Numinos 15. January 2019

Congratulations, Mackie! The MC-250 are very well done and a very moderately priced entry into the studio headphone segment. For about one hundred euros, you get a sound-reliable working device, which also suits the DJ booth, and by reliable, I mean that they meet high standards, ensuring that a well-made mix from them also sounds reasonable on all other devices. This makes them my current recommendation in this price range for studio and recording applications.

Numinos 23. January 2019

No further questions, Your Honour: The verdict is that Mackie MC-450 are excellent studio headphones, which – if you like a high-range and impulsive sound image – are not out of place even for hi-fi friends. Of course, they don’t generate the same level of pressure in the bass range as the closed MC-350 model, but thanks to the open back, you don’t get an unpleasant build up of heat on your ears as quickly. The very robust case and the flexibility of the three connection cables make up a good overall package and also make the price of the MC-450 seem reasonable. So, if you’re looking for robust, open and precise sounding headphones, in the three hundred Euro price range, you should definitely consider these Mackies.

Numinos 8. April 2020
Mackie MC-450