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Ollo Audio is a young headphone manufacturer from Slovenia, which is committed to producing studio headphones with very special sound characteristics, while limiting itself to just a few models.

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Studio by Carsten Kaiser 8 months ago

Ollo Audio HPS S4X

Over-ear studio headphones - rustic in look and sound

Ollo Audio HPS S4X are reference headphones in the mid-range price range. How neutral and honest do they actually sound?  


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The Ollo Audio HPS S4X are consistently high quality in both manufacture and delivery, and these headphones are sure to find many fans with their natural warm sound. A convincing package and the best materials will make many headphone fans happy. In addition, these headphones reproduce everything that is important for mixing and/or recording, as long as the audio material is not particularly dynamic or doesn’t need to be listened to at too high a volume. Unfortunately this device does not only score points on the credit side. For example, the membranes react to strong steep-edged transients with distortion even at medium volumes. And a design faux pas, for me at least, are the “sounds” made by the headband when the headphones are touched due to structure-borne noise. The price/performance ratio of the S4X is still okay, however they are not necessarily “brutally honest” headphones, but they are very specialised ones.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 11. November 2020
Ollo Audio HPS S4X