Ollo Audio

Ollo Audio is a young headphone manufacturer from Slovenia, which is committed to producing studio headphones with very special sound characteristics, while limiting itself to just a few models.


The latest reviews: Ollo Audio

Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 1 year ago

Ollo Audio S5X Open over-ears delivering sonic warmth to the studio

The Ollo Audio S5X over-ear headphones impress with their clean design, great wearing comfort and easy handling.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 1 year ago

Ollo Audio S4R Closed recording headphones with neutral-warm sound

If you are looking for a neutral-warm sound and a high level of sound isolation, you will find it from the Ollo Audio S4R closed over-ear headphones.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 4 years ago

Ollo Audio HPS S4X Over-ear studio headphones - rustic in look and sound

Ollo Audio HPS S4X are reference headphones in the mid-range price range. How neutral and honest do they actually sound?