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In-Ear by Dirk Duske 1 month ago

Technics EAH-TZ700

High-resolution in-ears in the high-end class

With the EAH-TZ700, Technics demonstrate an audiophile ear for transparent and balanced sound that literally isolates you from your surroundings.


DJ by Dirk Duske 10 months ago

Technics EAH-DJ1200

A DJ classic with improved sound

The new edition of Technics EAH-DJ1200 come with a noticeable upgrade: a new, detailed, homogeneous sound and a replaceable cable. Can this DJ classic continue its own success story?


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The very comfortable and chic Technics EAH-TZ700s set the bar high with their outstanding audiophile sound image, which is dynamic, powerful and very homogeneous with an extremely wide frequency range. You will benefit from the newly developed frameless 10-millimetre drivers with undistorted and vibration-free reproduction in authentically simulated space. However, for the EAH-TZ700 to reveal their full potential, a suitably high-res player including lossless audio format is required. These high-end headphones really deserve it.

Dirk Duske
Dirk Duske 25. September 2020
Technics EAH-TZ700

The Technics EAH-DJ1200 combine sound know-how with proven functionality. Their new tidy and detailed sound is impressive and the cables are now interchangeable. In addition, they offer the familiar 270-degree swivel mechanism, which allows one-sided monitoring and lets you fold the ear cups to save space. Only the price adjustment to 179.00 Euro diminishes the excitement about this successful upgrade.

Dirk Duske
Dirk Duske 20. December 2019