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Bluetooth by Jan Bruhnke 1 month ago

Valco VMK20

Casual Bluetooth headphones with ANC function

The Finns are an exceptional lot: they are the world champions of coffee drinking, EU champions of sustainability and have over two million saunas. They also love the silence of their 188,000 lakes. Perfect conditions for developing noise-cancelling headphones while chilling in the far north,...


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The Valco are certainly not an ultra-bargain in terms of price, but they offer a perfect overall package of secure Bluetooth connection, very good battery performance, top ANC functionality and warm, well-tuned hi-fi sound. The noise-cancelling is super-snappy, making every journey a little more enjoyable, whether it’s on a rattling train or a chugging crab-catching boat on the fjord. The high-quality design catches the eye with its cool textile patch, and the lightweight construction gives you zero stress on your head. If you’re into organic hi-fi tuning, you can’t go wrong here, and you might even leave the Valco team an onomatopoeic “Hyvä ääni” (Finnish for: “Super Sound”) as a comment. It will be exciting to see what else is yet to emerge from their Nordic forge.

Jan Bruhnke
Jan Bruhnke 30. March 2021
Valco VMK20