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The English cult brand became famous through legendary guitar amps like the VOX AC30. The brand, which is now part of the Japanese KORG, offers special headphone models that feature amPlug technology and enable guitarists to play guitar amp models directly via headphones. The hardware comes from Audio-Technica’s VOX headphones.

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Smartphone by Chris Reiss 4 weeks ago

Vox VGH AC30

Headphones with integrated guitar amplifier

The Vox VGH AC30 are headphones with an integrated guitar amplifier. Yes, there is such a thing! Just put on the headphones, plug the connecting cable directly into the guitar, and you're done! Rock out, no matter where and no matter when - what guitarist...


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The Vox VGH AC30 headphones are visually appealing and have a useful sound – just not for their intended target market. But you have to wonder why the VGH AC30, as a specialist headphone for guitarists, has sonic weaknesses, particularly with guitar music? With the change of sides, a big criticism of the predecessor model has been eliminated (no more cable across the guitar…), but it’s a pity that the sound tuning of these headphones has neglected to make them a bit more rock’n’roll-friendly. I have to say that I imagined that headphones with an integrated guitar amp would be different: with an integrated battery, Bluetooth connection, and an app for Smartphones where I could create guitar sounds with effects and EQ settings and with which I could practise to playbacks and maybe even record them.

Chris Reiss
Chris Reiss 25. May 2021
Vox VGH AC30