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Amplifier by Maike Paeßens 7 months ago

Creative Super X-Fi Headphone AMP

Miniature mobile headphone amplifier/ DAC with Super X-Fi certification

Creative's Super X-Fi Headphone Amp is ultra-portable but supports high impedances up to 600 ohms and is powerful enough to drive high-impedance headphones on mobile devices. The Super X-Fi technology can also be used to create a personalised, spatial sound experience for games, movies and...


Amplifier by Ulf Kaiser 8 months ago

Audiolab M-DAC nano

Portable DAC headphone amplifier with Bluetooth

The transmission of audio signals via Bluetooth is undoubtedly practical but, at the same time, there are plenty of headphones and other speakers that work wired. The M-DAC Nano is designed to bridge the gap between these devices as well as enhance the sound.


Amplifier by Ulf Kaiser 11 months ago

Focal Arche

Audiophile Stationary Headphone Amplifier

If you enjoy listening to music with headphones and have high standards, sooner or later you will have set your sights set on a dedicated headphone amplifier. With the Arche model, Focal offers you a premium device for stationary use.


Editor's recommendations: Amplifier Headphones

With the Groove, Apogee offers a headphone amplifier which represents an excellent sound upgrade with a reasonable RRP of 219 euros. The upgrade in sound is clearly audible, unlike plenty of other mini amps. At the same time, its areas of application are varied: from stationary multimedia computers to mobile devices, the Groove can actually compete with any USB interface. If you are looking for an interface that is premium class in all areas, while also inconspicuously small, you can finally put a useful sound upgrade in your pocket with the Groove.

Pete Schloßnagel
Pete Schloßnagel 28. June 2019

With this complex and high-quality headphone amplifier, Arche Focal aims at sound connoisseurs who want to equip their high-quality headphones with a suitable transducer and amplifier, and are willing to pay a suitably exclusive price for it. A cohesive concept with straightforward operation which results in exemplary neutral, transparent and – at the same time – emotional sound.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 21. October 2019

RME’s ADI-2 Pro FS is dedicated to conversion at the highest level. It therefore deserves a recommendation for sound engineering work where a central, high-quality transducer is to be used as a sound reference. It also scores convincingly with audiophile music lovers who are looking for a DA-converter of the highest quality that can effortlessly handle high-resolution audio material and DSD.

It also turns out to be a formidable, well-equipped, double headphone amplifier with reference qualities. The high level of functionality should be rated quite positively, but a puristic concept will not be addressed because – due to the integrated signal processor – you can really get going here. That’s why I’ve used the ADI-2 Pro FS to compare wired headphones for quite some time. As expected, the price for the technical and sonic full control is not cheap, but I consider it totally reasonable at about 1,599 Euros. Only the cable whip could do with a bit of aesthetic improvement.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 25. February 2019