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Amplifier by Michael Schillings 5 months ago

FiiO K5 Pro ESS

Desktop headphone amplifier and DAC

A headphone amplifier with high power reserves, up-to-date D/A converter and diverse connection options - that's what the FiiO K5 Pro ESS has to offer. For 199 euros, you even get an integrated preamplifier that sounds great! That might take some digesting.


Amplifier by Ulf Kaiser 6 months ago

Violectric DHA V226

Powerful, audiophile headphone amplifier with D/A conversion

With the DHA V226, Violectric introduces a potent headphone amplifier to the market that can simultaneously function as a high-quality D/A converter and even as a preamplifier. In view of the four-digit price, one should expect a sophisticated technical standard and audiophile sound, and the...


Amplifier by Michael Schillings 6 months ago

FiiO M17

High-end premium class player

Excellent sound thanks to the use of double DA converters, highly optimised power supply, a powerful battery for long hours of mobile music and technical components of the highest quality. These are the hallmarks of the recently released FiiO M17. An exclusive premium model with...


Editor's recommendations: Amplifier Headphones

The Phonitor xe delivers headphone sound to perfection – assuming an equally high-quality transducer. The elegantly finished device confidently drives virtually any pair of headphones to peak performance in all disciplines that can be demanded of sound reproduction – from the best detail resolution to room and dynamic reproduction. It complements this foundation with an extremely high-quality stereo balance function and the Phonitor Matrix, which ensures a more authentic sound reproduction in the sense of the original mix.

With its price of 2,099 Euros (without transducer), the Phonitor xe turns out to be twice as expensive as the se model. However, it is undoubtedly even more impressively finished, technically more uncompromising as well as more flexible in its applications. Our listening sessions justified this expense because it simply sounded fabulously good. Its price is a result of the necessary lack of compromise in development and production, which, as is well known, increases significantly in the “last stages”. At the same time, a device of this class is not meant to be a product for the mass market but is aimed at connoisseurs of perfect sound culture who have the necessary budget.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 17. March 2021
SPL Phonitor xe

With the M11 Plus LTD, FiiO has succeeded in creating a truly superbly equipped and, above all, great-sounding product. When used with an equally good headphone or speaker, this player shows what it’s made of. This portable HiRes-capable device has a contemporary design and reproduces music in a lively and classy way, regardless of the format. The M11 Plus LTD also fits in well at home and can be used as a main station or integrated into an existing system – with a local music library or by integrating various streaming services. This device is a champion in its class, which at 799 euros, can be recommended without reservation.

Michael Schillings
Michael Schillings 15. November 2021
FiiO M11 Plus LTD

With the DX 240, iBasso offers an anniversary special edition that is worthy of the term in every respect. Whether it’s the exchangeable amplifier modules for adaptation to different headphones, the excellent workmanship with successful design and haptics, the outstanding DAC for high-resolution formats and exceptionally vivid sound reproduction, the DX 240 offers top performance in all areas. The versatile connections allow it to be used at home, be integrated or used as a main unit. It also offers all the advantages of portable use. An audiophile high-end device that, with a price of 999 Euros, can almost be considered a bargain for the performance it offers. Hats off!

Michael Schillings
Michael Schillings 10. January 2022
iBasso DX 240