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The Gaming Headset – ideal for online games

Anyone who plays online games like Call of Duty often has to stay in touch with their fellow players, since this direct communication is what makes these games so special. That’s why it’s best to use a gaming headset with a built-in microphone.

With soundcard or without?

An important purchase criterion is the built-in technology: Many game headphones have installed sound cards and you connect them easily via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Most of the time you need to install suitable drivers and additional software for these headphones to work. They are a good alternative if your PC soundcard is not good enough. If you already own a high-quality sound card, a headset without a sound chip would be sufficent.

Wireless freedom – models with Bluetooth

If you like to play with consoles connected to your TV, we recommend models with Bluetooth technology. They offer you freedom of movement while gaming. Although these headphones are usually more expensive, kinked or too short cables are then a thing of the past.

In the middle of the action – headphones with surround sound

Several built-in speakers let the sounds come from different directions, which ensures a realistic sound impression and lets you experience games even more intense. However, these models are larger and heavier, the comfort can suffer and with some cheap representatives of this genre, the surround quality is unfortunately bad.

Open or closed?

Closed headphones sit firmly on your head and give you a direct and intense sound. However, for some people these headphones might be a little too tight, if you bother, you should look at the open models in more detail: they are more comfortable but also let in many ambient sounds from the outside.

The latest Gaming Headphones Reviews

Gaming by Andreas Proß 3 months ago

JBL Quantum 400

Gaming Headset with virtual surround sound

Precision, competitive advantage, realistic soundscapes – when it comes to modern gaming headsets these are terms that you read over and over again. Now JBL, a brand which has been an integral part of the audio sector for decades, but which has not been associated...


In-Ear by Maike Paeßens 3 months ago

Final E500

Inexpensive in-ears with great sound

With the E500, Japanese manufacturer Final has added inexpensive, wired in-ear headphones to its range, which, due to their spatial presentation capabilities, are also expected to be suitable for virtual reality applications. The housing of these lightweight, delicate headphones is made of thermoplastic ABS polymer...


Gaming by Andreas Proß 3 months ago

Razer BlackShark V2

E-Sports Gaming Headset with THX Spatial Audio

"Beating its predecessor in all areas". This could have been Razer's motto when they launched the BlackShark V2 headset. To use appropriate language: mission accomplished!


Editor's recommendations: Gaming Headphones

Finals E500 are excellent all-rounders at a very reasonable price. These wired in-ears make listening to music fun; allow fatigue-free listening to podcasts or radio broadcasts, and score points with their good spatial reproduction even in binaural productions. These minimalist headphones do not offer a remote for controlling the device, but otherwise, there is not much that this comfortably fitting bargain can do wrong.

Maike Paeßens
Maike Paeßens 31. August 2020
Final E500

Thanks to their removable cable and the sonic characteristics of the Audeze LCD-GX, gaming friends won’t just buy these headphones to get great sound at LAN parties. Rather, these headphones are also fantastic for hi-fi use and can do a great job when used for mixing in the home studio. The headphones are not only super-robustly built and superbly manufactured, but they also convinced with a range of features. The gooseneck microphone with its on/off switch impressed us with its sound, but unfortunately, it makes a lot of crackling sounds when switched on and off. In terms of sound, the LCD-GX otherwise offers exactly what you would expect from open Audeze headphones. Here a sound with fine resolution in the treble meets subtle bass and offers a detailed mid-range reproduction between these frequency ranges. The well-balanced and near three dimensional sound of the Audeze LCD-GX is perfect for audiophile gaming fans with the necessary coins who are looking for a headphone solution for HiFi and home cinema and/or who would like to acquire a high-quality tool for their home studio at the same time.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 18. August 2020
Audeze LCD-GX

With the Mobius, Audeze appeals to gamers with a technically appealing package. These headphones are more than likely going to cause something of a stir, especially when you consider the VR applications of them. For gaming and movie enjoyment via USB, the Mobius meets high demands on sound quality and is likely to keep up with the ASUS ROG Centurion. This particular device relies on five drivers per ear, while the Audeze product scores well with spatial, airy and detailed magnetostatic drivers. Even when the 3D functionality is turned off, these drivers deliver a first-class result. That’s why the Mobius is a must for those after an audiophile headphone that boasts versatile connection options and holds up well within its price range, even in competition with the likes of the wired EL-8 series. In summary, the Mobius delivers a formidable sound performance, but weakens in some details like the often fiddly operation. In addition to the regular version, the Mobius is also available as a Creators Edition, which includes 3D plug-ins from Waves, an Ambisonics B360 encoder, plus Waves Nx Virtual Room. This should definitely appeal to those in the market for content creation for virtual and augmented reality.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 31. October 2018