1MORE is a hi-fi audio company headquartered in San Diego, California. The mixture of Danish industrial design, Italian sound design and American brand design promises high-quality headphones at a very good price-performance ratio.


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Bluetooth by Jan Bruhnke 1 month ago

1more PistonBuds

Cheap Bluetooth in-ears

With the PistonBuds, 1more have come up with a pair of budget-friendly in-ears. But, do these affordable headphones deliver the goods when it comes to sound and features?


Bluetooth by Jan Bruhnke 3 months ago

1more ColorBuds

True wireless in-ears with a great fit

With the stylish ColorBuds, 1more offers Bluetooth in-ear headphones in classy colour variations that set them apart from sterile stylings of AirPods.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 4 months ago

1more ComfoBuds Pro

True-Wireless in-ears with Bluetooth 5.0 and ANC

With the ComfoBuds Pro, 1more are targeting price-conscious users who are looking for well-equipped true-wireless headphones with noise-cancelling. Here, we see what that looks like in practice and how it sounds.


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The Spearhead VRX from 1more cuts a fine figure when used with a PC. With the help of the software included, almost everything can be adapted to your wishes, with sound via EQ definitely convincing. NX tech features courtesy of Waves is also an interesting addition. If you use VR at all, you should definitely consider trying it out. The overall design and option to customise the device with lighting is also an appealing element. However, those who don’t play on the PC and rely exclusively on an audio cable will only be able to enjoy the solid sound delivery of this headset, rather than all those enticing extras.

Andreas Proß
Andreas Proß 12. September 2018

1more succeeds with the Dual Driver ANC Pro in producing an attractive neckband model. For about 150 Euros these headphones convince with amazingly practical noise cancelling. The sound performance is “still good”. Here, at least for me, the desire arises for a second higher quality model that better explores the theoretical advantage of the high-resolution LDAC codec. However, for daily mobile use, but also for sports, their performance makes what they have to offer pretty decent.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 22. July 2020

With the PistonBuds, 1more has put a pair of affordable in-ears out there that are fun and offer decent sound for a small budget. The sound aesthetics are not for the faint-hearted or those fussy about frequencies; rather, they are more geared to party mode. With powerful bass and good level reserves, these in-ears are probably a decent option for fans of EDM and hip-hop. All in all, the overall tuning is still on a usable level. So the PistonBuds are also a good choice as an inexpensive second pair of headphones if you have misplaced your expensive pair of in-ears or as an inexpensive alternative for the kids. Technically, the PistonBuds have almost everything that the expensive models from 1more have: from good battery life to a solid charging case and secure Bluetooth connection.

The unique selling point remains the decent bass volume. If you are sad that the festival season is cancelled or that the summer will soon be over, then you are welcome to get a pair of the PistonBuds as consolation, dance out in a field with your eyes closed and dream of better times. They’re enough for a virtual outdoor rave.

Jan Bruhnke
Jan Bruhnke 20. August 2021
1more PistonBuds