A German success story

When Uli Behringer founded his company in 1989, it was time to break up the somewhat crusty and overpriced market for recording products. He has done this with mixing consoles and peripherals with flying colors. Behringer now produces in China in the Music Group City. The components for the products – which, in addition to hundreds of others, also include headphones – are produced in our own factories. Part of the development is still in Willich near Krefeld, Germany.

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Studio by Dirk Duske 5 months ago

Behringer BH 470

Closed studio headphones with well-balanced and detailed sound arrangement

Behringer's BH 470 studio headphones impress with their slightly bass-driven, yet smooth and clear sound, as well as their appealing design and comfortable fit.


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The BH 470 from Behringer are top headphones at a bargain price. They boast a very appealing design, lightweight construction, lush upholstery and a smooth and clear sound. Although their sound slightly accentuates the bass and thus reduces the sound neutrality required for the studio, neither mids nor highs are lost to it. They serve up all the nuances of the music, which means that these headphones could certainly be part of many a DJ’s tool kit.

Dirk Duske
Dirk Duske 18. November 2019